VALPOI: Fr. Inacio Almeida and Fr. Domnic Alvares, the Pilar Fathers have begun cultivation of the drought tolerant rice variety 'Sahbhagi Dhan' at the Zogati Nature Farm in Birondem-Valpoi. The area brought under cultivation was left barren for almost 20 years.
Fr. Inacio Almeida SFX - Birondem Satari
The Pilar Fathers said that the 'Sahbhagi Dhan' was released by Central Rainfed Upland Rice Research Station (Central Rice Research Institute, Hazaribag) and is a drought tolerant rice variety.
The Sahbhagi Dhan variety for drought prone shallow lowlands of Jharkand and Orissa made possible to reduce losses from intermittent drought, while ensuring stable rice yields in a drought year.
Around one and half kg of Sahbhagi Dhan seeds were provided by ICAR, Goa. The seeds were sown in Zogati Nature Farm at Birondem, keeping an eye on hilly paddy fields of Satari and Canacona, under the guidance of Fr Inacio Almeida sfx, Krishi Samrat of Goa.
The area which was barren for more than twenty years was brought under cultivation by the Pilar Fathers at Birondem, Satari. With efforts of Fr Inacio Almeida and Fr Dominic Alvares of the Pilar Fathers, this year the land is brought under paddy cultivation much to awe of the people passing along the road.
Sahbhagi Dhan matures in 105-110 days in plains and 110-115 days in the plateau. It can be direct sown or transplanted. Direct seeding in dry soil saves about 30% water.
Grain yield of Sahbhagi Dhan range from 4-5 tonnes per hectare in direct seeded/transplanted condition, when the crop establish in timely and the crop is moderately fertilized. Sahbhagi Dhan tolerates intermittent dry spells better.


diogofichardo said...

I am not much to understand farming but if this drought tolerant rice can be planted in Goa and feed the hungry, I am all in favour of it. Thanks to the Pillar Fathers for taking the right step.

dlp said...

Thank you Fathers and God Bless you! It is a miracle that this land which was barren for more than 20 years, did not come to the notice of our corrupt politicians and the Builders. This is a real miracle. Of all the places, they even reached Vanxim, Divar, to start a Golf Course. I didn't know the meaning of Course, but of Course, I understand now. What to do now? I don't know!!

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