MARGAO: The Deputy Speaker and Cortalim MLA, Mr Mauvin Godinho, said that no houses would be allowed to be demolished for road widening. Speaking at a function held in Margao, on Monday, Mr Godinho said, “We are not against the national highways. But we want the interest of the people of Goa to be protected,” and added that no houses should be demolished for any reason.
He further said that he represented Cortalim constituency and he has been promised a Rs 100 crore flyover that would ensure that no houses would be demolished. “In case houses are to be demolished then the width (of road) can be reduced from 45 to 35 mts. And if that is not possible then flyovers should be built,” he felt also pointing out that elevated roads – or roads at different levels can be constructed.
He said that they had a meeting in Panaji at the Chief Minister’s bungalow with NHAI officials, at which were present the Chief Minister himself, the PWD Minister, other ministers and MLAs, who are connected to the villages along the roads. The Deputy Speaker said this meeting would be followed up with a meeting with the Union Minister, Mr Kamal Nath on Tuesday, where all these arguments would be put forth.
According to officials of the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) and PWD, a resurvey conducted has brought down the number of constructions to be demolished to 168; initially the survey put down the number of structures likely to be affected for the expansion of NH-4A from Anmod to Panaji to 569. As per re-survey, width of the NH-4A will be 35 mts-60 meters as against earlier 45mts-60 meters; length has been cut down – earlier 69.070 km of road was planned to be constructed but it has been now reduced to 65.070 km. Considering the views of people that expansion will inconvenience them in commuting short distances or travelling to a village on other side of the road – crossing and openings at every two kilometers of national highway have been planned. (NT)


diogofichardo said...

Oh great! here we now have the same person that wants to destruct The village of Cansaulim with major Housing Projects, Pretend to protect the interest of Goan people. Goans are intelligent enough not to be fooled my these MLA traitors, the statement only buys time. Why does Goa need these major highways? The only people coming in and out of Goa are drug dealers and other criminals.

Anonymous the VIII said...

A double faced snake in the grass. We have seen both sides of you.

dlp said...

How much interest of the Goan people has he protected? He has only been after the interest of the ghanttis and protection of his pockets. Election time! Election time!! Beware my Goan brothers and sisters of this snake in the grass. You won't even know when he will strike you. Let's protect our beloved Goa from these dangerous species.

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