THE CHOICE IS OURS by Arwin Mesquita, UAE

UAE: This refers to the letter “No advice needed” by Juliano Baptista (Herald, 2 Oct). I request the writer to read my letter properly. If Goans residing in Goa or overseas do not want to preserve Goa and its identity, then it does not matter if we go in for a Greater Goa. In any way, we are already doomed.
Secondly, due to our incompetent government, Goans are faced with no other option other than to go abroad for jobs or to maintain a minimum decent standard of living.
There are overseas Goans who act in Goa in co ordination with local activists to save and improve Goa for Goans, despite being abroad. We can also choose to migrate permanently to the developed world or abandon/forget our land and identity. Yet, we haven’t done that and chose to remain in Goa.


N.Fernandes (London) said...

Hi Arwin Mesquita (UAE):::I have not been able to read the article by Juliano Baptista.So I will be unable to express an opinion.But I get the impression of what Juliano was trying to say.
However I truly believe you are a well intentioned & a caring Goan.I have read some of your previous articles and they are well researched and truthful.
There is a strange belief that any Goan that lives abroad does not care about Goa.This is an untrue fact & myth.The older generation still have fond memories of Goa.The younger generation perhaps do not have the same first hand memories as they have been brought up abroad all their lives.Regardless these younger generations all have good knowledge of Goa,as it has been told to them by their parents and relatives.In due course and as they grow up and older they will surely look forward to learning about Goa.That is their "roots"
In my personal experence every Goan that lives abroad still connects themselves with Goa.Those that do not are plainly deceiving themselves.Perhaps they are very rare and unique Lepoards that can change their spots?!!!... or perhaps even change their sexuality on a whim.
All Goans that live abroad have their Clubs/ Associations etc.In addition the also have their Church related Clubs /Associations.In the UK many celebrate the Feast of their Village Church.
Goans abroad make huge finiancial contributions & remittances to Goa.They choose to do this directly rather than through Government agencies.Government agencies are well known to be corrupt and, the intended funds go into their back pockets or get greatly watered down in value,rather than going to the people it was intended for.
The quality of life of many Goans in Goa have been improved by these remittances from abroad.This is undeniable.
I will leave you with one abiding thought....."YOU CAN TAKE A GOAN OUT OF GOA...BUT YOU CAN NEVER TAKE GOA OUT OF A GOAN." ...VIVA
You can also rest assured,that since you now live / work in the UAE and as you have previously lived in Goa too,you are more qualified to comment as you have seen the view from Goa and Abroad.A Goan that has lived "only" in Goa will be limited to comment as he has a one track or one sided view.Their views are pure speculation and imagination.Quite often it is based on the Politics of envy...or some other failure.

Mario said...

Arwin Mesquita is a coward,Churchill wash him like an linen during his last visit to Dubai as an Cheap Guest for konkani drama and this Arwin out of fear went & meet chorchill with an petition of Goa interests knowing well chorchill will never understand what Goans need to maintain its identity unless and untill chor is in power.Arwin during your next vacation go & meet chorchill he will award you handsomely for remaining silence on chor evil designs.If you are really interested of Goa & Goans you would have not met that chor who is rapidly destroying Goa.

Mohan Agshekar said...

Mario - who is a coward? Give us your full name if you have the guts insttead of attacking Arwin Misquita in hiding!

Sandesh Gaonkar said...

I think Mr. Mohan Agshekar, that Mario did not get his words properly. What actually he meant to say was that Arwin should not have gone to meet Churchill. The way he has put it up is wrong and gives impression the other way round. I have read Arwin Mesquita's articles and his dedication for Goa. Yes he is the true son of Goa who fights against the corrupt politicians etc.

Chandrakant Kankonkar said...

I have a doubt that it is Mario, who has written that comment. Mario writes fairly good english and not so much broken as in the comment.

Mario said...

Mohan,Sandesh & Chandrakant - I have read many articles of Arwin Misquita which were very good,but my question is after learning Chorchill rubbish allegations against Arwin by chorchill in a packed hall of konkani drama,Arwin should have gave chorchill a fitting reply for all the rubbish shower against him by him instead of meeting him personally to clarify Goa issues when actually dukhar Chorchill does not have any interests of Goa & Goans.Is there any logic to meet these Ali Babas & 40 thiefs regarding Goa isuues when they are openly looting Goa & protecting criminals in Goa?

Arwin Mesquita said...

Churchill is a person elected by Goans; as such in a civilised manner, Goan issues have to go to the elected representatives; which I have done formal/documented manner and had it well publicised. His challenge to me was that I never took the issues to him; so now I have and he now has no excuses!! You can criticise me but can I also request you to do what you can in acion as well.

dlp said...

Goans! Goans!! and My Goans!!! Real brothers all. I have heard some people saying that we only talk from outside Goa. I dont care, as long as we are all Niz Goenkars and fighting for our Motherland that is Goa.

Bebdo said...

Arwin... your remarks about Chorchill being elected by the Goans smack of hypocrisy. He is not elected but he got himself elected by buying the votes of the people. There are enough bread crumb eaters in Goa.
I understand that you are a literate person and as such would know the meaning of democracy and what it stands for. So how can you say that Chorchill represents the people. By that logic I can assume that all the people are illiterates, including you.
And why you had to meet him? Were you scared? You should have confronted him on an open forum and floored him with your knowledge of the political system and by exposing his sins of omissions and comissions. Which MP takes money to ask questions in parliament and is caught on camera accepting the money? The answer is Chorchill. So why you had to stoop to such a level?

Bebdo said...

Another thing Arwin... why didn't you reply to this article published in Gulf News where Churchill blasted u.

Here it is
Smear campaign: ‘Tell me to my face'

Goan minister Churchill Alemao has dared his political opponents to come out in the open instead of running backstage campaigns to malign his name.

"There is a person called Arvind Mesquita [in the UAE] who is trying his best to smear my name at the behest of former minister Luizinho Faleiro. I visit the UAE regularly and if this person [Mesquita] is straight and has the guts, he must step forward and tell me on my face," Alemao told Gulf News.

"I am not a politician by nature, but I was forced to be in this position because of the will of the people who have elected me. I believe in development of my state and if there is someone who does not believe in the principles I stand for, then he should be man enough to step forward and tell me so on my face instead of running a campaign," he added.

The full article is here

Trevor said...

To Mario, I think it is hurtful that you attack Arwin. He is actually trying to do something....what are you doing???? I don't see you writing articles on saving OUR Goa. If you ask me, you are the coward. I commend Arwin. He does not have to spend his time putting his name out there, but he does. Sometimes we have to meet with our enemies so see if we can reform them. Chorchill is like the mafia, and I would be afraid to meet with him, so call me a coward. These people are dangerous; they will do anything for power and greed. The taste for power and greed has caused them to go crazy. They know how to work the system and unfortunately get our simple-minded people in the villages to vote for them. We need to see how we change that. A lot of Arwin's writings inspired me to take action. Arwin is sounding the alarm that our identity is in trouble. Goa is in trouble and instead of uniting you are attacking him. Yes, I am a Goan, outside of Goa, and wish I could do something as I see the writing on the wall. Please stop attacking one another. OUR Goa is being sold to the highest bidder, a non-Goan. Wake up! Keep up the good work Arwin!

diogofichardo said...

There are many Goans in Goa that are unaware what is being contributed by Goans leaving abroad. In my Goa village a building is coming up as a recreation centre for the young. 70% of the funds are being contributed from the village club from outside Goa. To add the poor in the village are also being financially helped to better their lives. There are many other village clubs that do the same. We may be abroad but we are Niz Goenkars.

Mohan Agshekar said...

Great Bebdo - you hide behind a nickname and take pot shots at Arwin saying why you didn't respond to this and why you didn't respond to that?

If you are your father's son put out your name and go after Churchill yourself Bebdo. One gets the feeling that bebdo and Mario are the same person - if not these two reddos should be tied together to a zott and sent to be reared by Churchill himself.

Both Mario and Bebdo spout big philosophies as if they are true lovers of Goa and Goans and lead all of us up in big frenzies and attack other good Goans like Arwin who risk their lives and even put their families at big risk by confronting corrupt politicians. Do not underestimate our corrupt Goan politicians whether it is Churchill, Mickey, Mauvin Godinhoo, Dayanand Narvekar, Digamabar Kamat and the rest.

Mario alias Bebdo and Juilano Baptista you'll are like the eunuchs in the Sheikh's harem not capbale of doing the trick but quick to offer criticism attacking Goans whether in Goa or abroad who should be commended fo all their actions.

Bebdo/Mario instead of hiding behind nicknames disclose your identity take the camera and go and confront these corrupt politicans yourself.
then criticize Arwin Misquita and others.

Anonymous said...

Arwin your views make perfect sense. That is the way our current democracy functions. As for the argument that Churchill "got" himself elected - fair enough - he got himself elected by Goans who campaigned and are supporting him - and by an equal number of Goans who believe him to be their savior. As much as all of us here know what Churchill really is; the fact is that his supporters are in the majority. (or for that matter the supporters of any of the current crop of politicians). Goans, non-goans, and whoever else. The only once who care are the educated elite - who are in the minority in Goa.
Go to any college in South Goa and you will find youth either talking proudly of their affiliations with Churchill, Mickey or Faleiro. For them these people are God and telling them otherwise is futile. You want to get them to think like sane, educated individuals - then educate them sensibly. Else mere sloganeering isn't going to help anyone. Save Goa happened and all of us have seen how Churchill derived maximum mileage out of it. The argument about crumb-eaters and the like is extremely hollow when the fact is that it is their vote that makes a difference currently.
Unless you find a competent person to stand for elections - then a free Goa remains a distant dream.

Tony Carvalho said...

It's the same with all these corrupt politicians be it Churchill Alemao or Mauvin Godinho or Monserrate or Mickey or Digambar Kamat - all are corrupt rogues responsible for the destruction of Goa. When Goans question them and highlight what's going on they just make a song and dance of "I was not aware of this and I was not aware of that; nobody came to me so how do you expect me to know and blah...blah..blah". This is to only pretend when they know what they have done to destroy Goa. All because of their greed.

More of us Goans need to follow Arwin's example and hit these corrupt politicians hard where it hurts.

Expose them on sites like Niz Goenkar!

Trevor said...

To Anonymous....I appreciate your thoughts, we do need to understand the mentality of the people that will decide to re-elect Chorchill. We can write in and dream all we want, but if we don't move our people in Goa to do the right thing, nothing will change in Goa, and Chorchill will be re-elected. My question is how do we get through to these (our) people? They decide the elections. I sometimes feel being outside Goa I cannot tell them what to do as they too have to do what is in their best interests. If they need a job or need funds and Chorchill is giving it to them, how can we tell them that they should not vote for him? We have to realistic of the situation on the ground in Goa if we are to bring about true change. I know that the discussions should be happening in the villages of Goa. Chorchill and all the 40 corrupt politicians do know they have the upper hand, as they have the people that decide the elections eating out of their hands. We can scream all we what but it will not change a thing. It is time to sit down with our people in the villages and get them to understand. We need these discussions to go on in every home and village of Goa if we are ever to save our homeland. Any ideas on how we start this?

Mohan Agshekar said...

There are varius groups that once can support be it GOACAN, Xhettkaranacho Ekvott, MAAND, Village Groups, Goa Foundation, GBA.

We must rally together - let not Goa be destroyed, let not Goans be destroyed.

Write to the newspapers just like Arwin does, show your support for the right causes.

Most important be part of the Gram Sabha and question your Sarpanch and Pancahayat members when they do wrong!

Anonymous said...

Hi Trevor,
Thank you. This is the first time someone has called for sensible action. I will tell you what I do.
Goa's societal structure is such that certain families get respect and people come seeking advice. I personally counsel and provide a career direction to the youth - whether in school, college or University. While studying I took to teaching computers in the village too. The idea is to show the youth three things - (1) the power of education, (2) that they don't need to go outside Goa to have a decent living, and (3) dignity of labor (practised outside India but not within Goa). I believe that the current crop of politicians or powers that be will not last forever. But I need to create a competent talent pool to replace these people when the time comes.
Next, change the mentality of the average Goan. Even on this forum I find crass sloganeering ruling the roost rather than sensible thoughts or action. You will agree - shouting viva goa, viva niz goenkara is not going to help us. Attack the message - not the messenger. We ourselves need to take pains to understand how our structure works and that (if) we are put into the role of decision makers right at this moment - what would be our course of action. Certainly, not many of us are in a position to do that. In my village therefore, apart from discussion and debates, through a community magazine we tried to increase the reading and awareness levels of our village. This is not an overnight process, but can be spoken of at length on a personal level should you be interested.
I am lucky I am in the education field at the moment, as well as in another area - sports. I believe these two areas can make a difference and it helps create a connect with the current powers that be also. There are so many "few good men" in Goa (I don't count myself as one :) ), and a little bit of open-mindedness and setting aside of prejudices on our side will go a long way in making a difference.
Trevor, I have only been brief here cause I have made other statements on the forum before that lead to certain participants in the forum erupting before thinking. So I will be only to glad to talk to you outside the forum.

Trevor said...

Thank you both for comments. We must all start to listen to each other as each as something to contribute as ultimately we all want to achieve the same OUR GOA for our people...the common Goan who works hard and honestly. The ideas you both have shared are well received, I will ponder on them some more. I will be the first to admit I need to learn so much. There is lot of goodness in us as a people that it is worth fighting for. We have our usual rotten apples but we need to work constructively to preserve our heritage. I am hoping to be in Goa soon to join these groups and offer them my help. We are great community of people if we focus on what is important. We need to make OUR Goa a place that takes us home, not just in our dying years but also through the journey of life itself. Thank you both for sharing.

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