MARGAO: Saying that the party is disturbed over the Z-security provided to the sons of the Home Minister, the United Goans Democratic Party (UGDP) has called upon the government to withdraw the security provided for private persons or to demand payment for the same.
Naik Brothers
Party Secretary General Anacleto Viegas said that the rumours that some politicians are out to get the sons of the Home Minister is an attempt to camouflage their nefarious activities and carry on with their designs under the cover of Z-security.
“The party is much disturbed about the Z-security provided to the sons of the Home Minister of the State when ordinary citizens are unprotected and live in total insecurity. Goa today has become the playground for drug peddlers, mafias, criminals, rapist and dacoits”, Anacleto said, adding that the daylight robberies taking place right under the nose of the Chief Minister should have been enough reason for the Chief Minister to divest Ravi Naik of his Home portfolio.
He said the sins of omission and commission while dealing with drug mafias and protection given to the jail breakers by preventing investigations are too well known to clothe the Home Minister and his sons with innocence. “Perhaps the sins of the father-sons are visiting them for it is said that “as you sow, so shall you reap”, he said, adding that the Home Minister should well know that security needs to be provided to public men and definitely not to the siblings of the ministers.
“If individuals are provided security the trend will be endless. For today it may be the sons, tomorrow the daughters and wife and then perhaps their lackeys’, he said, while demanding withdrawal of the security by the State at the public expense or in the alternative, the minister or his sons should be made to bear the cost of such security.
Saying the tax payer should not be made to pay for individuals with tainted characters, Viegas said the State is traumatised by the insecure situation caused by the Home Minister who has been openly protecting the criminals and jail breakers, adding “it is high time he is removed from the cabinet so that there is no security problems for him or to his sons and others of his family.
Valuable resources of the State should not be squandered on those who are openly pampered or are associated with the drug trade”.


vishwas said...

The high handedness of the politicians causing burden on the public exchequer could be checked may by a PIL. Unfortunately the NGOs in Goa are not very active in this respect compared to other parts of the country!

dlp said...

What is the status of the guys to provide them special security??? Because their father is a minister? One of the politicians goon has threatened me of dire consequences. who is going to provide security for my safety? As a citizen, am I not on the same level as these guys or do I have to have some relative as a minister???

Dalia said...

dlp, you and me are lesser than the ordinary citizens of India, that is what our father politicians think. That is the reason we slog to earn a living whereas these rogs and CHORS like Robber Naik and Co. gets all the benefits as they are the authors of the law in Goa. On top of hat Gua police are helping them to save their own loot.

Robert said...

Vow, look at the photographs of the criminals, looks like they are imported in Goa from Tihar jail? Faces speaks about their "Kartavya".

dlp said...

Robert... Even the photographs of the worst criminals on Police records will look better than these two. Could be one time or another, they were in some jail and they have used the same photographs as they don't want to spend money from their pockets to take new photographs. I wonder why they did not ask the Goa governement to pay for their new photographs. I guess they are entitled for it.

Nitin, Ponda said...

Hey, these two Ponda Ka Goonda, Matka Kings and now drug Kings. niz Goenkara, good you published their photographs for us to see how these criminal faces looks. At least, when we are in Goa, we will be able to identify these looters and criminals of Goa. the other way to identify them would be when they move forward guarding their back. They won't move like us common man who don't have to look backwards. Only Chors want protections as they know they are the culprits of Goa.

franco said...

I wonder if they are the true sons of the drug baron and motorcycle pilot?

Anonymous said...


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