WAGES OF SIN-....SUPARI (RED BLOOD) by N. Fernandes, London

The Naiks will no longer enjoy the freedom , we decent & law abiding Goans do.They will have to keep watching their every step,move & backsides now. Roy Naik will have his "bulbous eyes"popping out even further now.Ravi Naik will also lose most of his sparse and limp hair in due course.  When one enters the world of "THE DRUG MAFIA",as a career, there is no code of conduct.  It is a lawless and violent organisation and a killing field too.As the saying goes..."you shall reap what you sow"....
 ... ** The Goa government Wednesday provided personal security officers (PSOs) to both sons of Home Minister Ravi Naik after the police “uncovered” a plot to kill one of them.
Superintendent of Police (Security) Tony Fernandes said the decision to provide PSOs to Naik’s sons — Roy and Ritesh — was taken on the recommendation of senior officials after recently-arrested criminal Michael Fernandes confessed to accepting a “supari” (contract) to kill Roy.
“Following this, we have decided to provide PSOs to the home minister’s both sons. The home minister’s security had already been enhanced from ‘Z’ category to ‘Z Plus’ category in May after a security review meeting,” Fernandes said.
Roy (35), has been surrounded by controversies of late, after slain British teenager Scarlett Keeling’s mother Fiona MacKeown accused him of administering drugs to her daughter. Scarlett was found lying dead at Anjuna beach in north Goa in February 2008.
A Swedish model and former girlfriend of Israeli drug dealer Yaniv Benaim alias Atala also accused Roy of having links with the drug mafia.
The opposition has demanded a probe into the allegations and demanded that the home minister be stripped of his portfolio to facilitate an impartial probe.
Police sources said Michael, a key accused in nearly 35 cases in Goa and other neighbouring states, had confessed during interrogation that he had accepted ’supari’ (contract) at a popular pub in Baga this month to kill Roy. Michael was arrested Sep 10.
Police are, however, tight-lipped about those who had given Michael the contract to kill Roy, who is bracing up to start his political innings in the legislative assembly election scheduled next year.
Police spokesperson Atmaram Deshpande said he was not aware of the development.
(Courtesy Thaindian.)


aggybaba said...

And what portfolio will Roy get?

Robin D'Sa said...

The sins of the father are reaped on their children.

Don't think these corrupt politicians who ruin Goans and Goa will get free.

Look at all of them and their rotten progeny and sse how they all will meet their just punishments be it:
- Ravi Naik and his ladla betas Roy and Ritesh,
- Posko Atanasio Monserrate and his goonda rapist son Rohit and Amit
- Churchill and Joaquim Alemao and their filthy sonsodds be it the Valankas or the Raisas and the rest of their dirty brood
- Mauvin Godinho and his brood of 3 will also reap what the father had sowed
Pratapsingh Rane and Vishwajeet will see their day of reckoning too
-Casino Alexio Sequeira and Anthony of the IGP's police car fame

Robert said...

And the income soars albeit bad records:-
Luizinho Faleiro and his looter son claimed the Mobor Island and are enjoying
Cowmuth and his son-in-law looting mines
Feliepe Neri and his hidden swiss accounts are stuill in safe place
Francis D' Souza and his rapist son roaming freely
Vijay Chordessai and his loot from the poor farmers, he is enjoying by fooling them
Monkey Pexekoi and his concubines and extortionists are too happy
Robbery Naik and his drug money in World banks
Mama Mia of Santa Cruz and the muscles of her son are looting more
Monserrates and sons, still looting and raping
Day and Night Rapist Nervankar still intend to print more tickets
Dotor Silly still making deals for his son
Agnel soars his accounts and raise hue and cry when he can't rob
Mauvin Godinho always smiling tothe bank even when he is not elected
Parrikar, the extornist from the MLA's according to his whims

So do not forget to vote Congress back to power to get more corrupt.

Dalia said...

Far-ar-far zatat ranat-u,
Politicians Goenche, chortat xarantu,
Bhirant tankam na, disache uzvadantuch,
Paigambar tancho Raja, koslich na odchonuch.

Goeam kelem kobar hea chorani,
Ganvche ganv bhorleat aiz drugs-ani,
Goenche policeank aikunk iena, bere kanani,
Urlolo zago amcho farailo bhaileanim,
Irloso lugar urla to bhorla ghantianim.
Paigambara, kiteim tori korun,
Kursi tuji borea munxeak di soddun,
Goenchem kiteim tori urom samballun,
Tumi sogleanim khaunche adim urlelem chorun.

Paigambara, Paigambara,
Kitem tum evjitai?
Tujem kodel samballunk,
Goem ratr-dis kiteak viktai?

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