PANJIM: In a shocking move, the state government has sanctioned.` 4.5 lakh for repairs of the police vehicle that was involved in an accident in December 2009 while being driven by the then IGP's son. "Government vehicles are never insured.
When a government vehicle is involved in an accident, the cost of repair is recovered from the driver or officer responsible if they are at fault, or it's paid for by the government. In this case, as the IGP is now retired, the government has decided to bear the expense of the vehicle's repairs and sanctioned the same," government sources said.
At the time of the accident, the vehicle was driven neither by then IGP K D Singh (now retired) nor his driver, but by the former IGP's 18-year-old son Siddharth. The boy had taken his father's new official car out on December 4, 2009, when he met with an accident late at night. Vasco police had registered a case against Siddharth under Section 279 and 337 of IPC. (TOI)


aggybaba said...

Nice going gua govt, it's actually not the govt paying for the damage, but us, the taxpayers.And this boy was 18 at that time, did he have a license to drive?

dlp said...

Very nice going indeed! The public catches the criminals and Gua Police takes the credit. The public pays the taxes and the Gua Government says that they are paying for the repairs of the car? Why they cannot recover the money from the IGP even if he is retired??? Loot! Loot!! Loot!!! Don't Worry, Be Happy!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes and what about Anthony Sequeira son of Casino Raja Alexio Sequeira? Preferred treatment to these mongrels who've imbibed their fathers's vices and evils?

Dalia said...

The Gua Government has all the means if they want to recover the money. They can get it from his pension. How will they? All criminals are together to loot Goa. I hope the High Court takes cognizance of this event and put the government in place. This is tax payers money. Please Niz Goenkars, change your mind to change this goverment of the scoundrels and looters.

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