Black tar balls have again surfaced in several beaches in Goa, officials said on Friday. The tar balls have resurfaced almost a week after they blackened the entire south Goa coastal stretch, casting shadow on the forthcoming tourist season, they said.
Goa Tourism Department has sent a team of officials to assess the situation. Tourism Director Swapnil Naik said he has received reports of tar balls appearing at Colva beach. There is nothing serious about the phenomenon and cleanliness drive has already begun. Since the sea currents are strong, the tar balls are being washed ashore, Naik said.
The locals, however, expressed concern. "The tar balls are leaving behind ugly patches. The sea shore is losing its charm," Anacleto Fernandes, a Colva resident, said. Tar balls are generally formed when ships clean their tanks by spraying them with jets of hot water, which is later flushed out. They get washed ashore by sea waves. Many beaches in the state were hit with tar balls which began appearing earlier this month. The worst affected were beaches in South Goa. - PTI


John Athaide said...

Hope these tar balls from all over the world and all the oceans and seas come and settle down on the Goan beaches so the tourism will be closed now and forever in Goa and the ghantis will run away.

diogofichardo said...

John: they will not be deterred by these balls, at Kharia Bandh they almost leave in it similar conditions. It is a good tourist attraction please live it there.. See the filth under the bridge at Colva going to the beach, what a lovely site.

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