PANJIM: The Transport department will start a drive against erring drivers and conductors from October 1.  The drive, initiated after private bus operators said that they have no control over erring drivers and conductors, will also keep a tight watch over passengers.
“The passengers too will have to restrain themselves from seeking undue favour from conductors or drivers,” Director of Transport Arun Desai said. Desai said that all seven RTO’s will be engaged in the drive along with the enforcement wing, headed by Additional Director of Transport (ADT).
When asked, he said that the guilty would be penalized as per the Motor Vehicle Act.  The department will be monitoring each bus driver and conductor to ensure that they do not violate the rules. They will be checked on parameters like proper uniform with valid name plates, no alcohol consumption or chewing of tobacco while on duty, over loading of buses, etc.
“We will make sure that drivers avoid rush and negligence driving and also see that they do not stop at unauthorized stops. The conductors are told not to overload,” director said.  Desai said that the behaviour of these people will be also under scanner.
“We receive several complaints from public over misbehaviour of conductors. Hence we have asked them to behave courteously with passengers,” he added.
The department feels that along with drivers and conductors it is also the duty of the public to see that there is smooth functioning of bus transport in the State. Hence the department has also set certain guidelines for the public, like payment of correct ticket fares, demand for proper tickets; do not occupy seats reserved for ladies or handicapped, not to insist for unauthorized stops and also not to enter the bus which is overloaded.
The department has said that the aggrieved people can contact the following numbers to lodge their complaints: Panjim - 2438288, Margao - 2741962, Vasco - 2515100 and Ponda - 2312749.


Dalia said...

A little more hafta will solve the problem. First, train the drivers and conductors to behave and act like public service man and not as creators of every accident in Goa due to their reckless driving to catch the early bird.

N.Fernandes said...

These are all wonderful schemes/checks.However they are only carried on for a few days and then the Bus drivers / Conductors resort to their old habits.Pesonally,I would prefer to be a Sardine in a tin, rather then a passenger on some of these buses...Kadamba or Private.

Sandesh Gaonkar said...

These private buses should be once and for all stopped. We need a proper bus system with just one company or the government running its transport. Private buses are a nuisance on the road.

Oscar Fernandes said...

Just as Dalia and N. Fernandes have said, the RTO officers specially Arun Desai, will soon get tired of the daily checking and will stop the checking clearing a way "back to the pavillion" for the private buses because by that time the Hafta will reach the office of Arun Desai.

dlp said...

They won't even start the daily checkup let alone be tired of daily checking. This is all just a white wash. The only way some of them may try to check the buses on a daily basis is to get hafta from the operators. No hafta, report to higher authorities. Yes hafta, go on baba. I have not seen anything.

Dalia said...

Does anyone know that the government transport was actually named after our great Niz Goenkar Caitan Bab? The Marathas came and just painted the buses as Kadamba instead of CaitanBab. The English did the same with Sheikh Isber, they turned his name to Shakespeare. And someone just whispered here.....the nation of Amir Khan is now called America by the Red Indians.........don't get me serious.

dlp said...

Dalia... The way things are going, anything can be serious and anything can be funny too! There should always be a funny side too. I mean a serious side. Get me???????

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