PANJIM: The signs of devastation due to Cyclone Phyan that almost hit Goa coast last year are still visible in the shanties dotting Panjim. The lives of many are yet to be back on track after they lost their bread earners. And with government dilly dallying on compensation issue, the lives continue to remain tragic.
Yamuna Lamani, 33, residing at Betim shanty and originally hailing from Karnataka lost her husband in Cyclone Phyan in November 2009. After his death, she thought of piecing together her life by setting up a small make shift tea stall near Malim jetty. But with no money at hand, she prefers to do odd jobs at houses to eke out living.
Similar is the case of Aktar Firdoz, 18, who lost his father in the cyclone. He now does petty work in the fish market to feed his two younger siblings and does not want them to lose their schooling days.  The effects of Phyan can be still seen in the many families who are yet to tide over their grief.
A total of 68 fishermen and crew members from all seven jetties lost their lives. In many cases, even bodies were not found.  Goa government had announced Rs one lakh compensation to each deceased under Chief Minister’s Relief Fund.
However, the promises have been half met. So far, few families have managed to get Rs 50,000 while others are awaiting their turn.
Chairman of Mandovi Fishermen’s Cooperative Society, Menino Afonso says, “The family members of the deceased fishermen are often calling, seeking to know about the remaining compensation amount. Moreover, this year we have faced acute shortage of staff as many have not returned back from their State after vacation.”
The society from this year has started a new scheme ‘Relief Fund’ wherein any crew member who suffers any damages will be given Rs 50,000 on the spot. “This scheme is the initiative of Malim Jetty members,” he said.
Thirty-eight crew members from Malim Jetty were snatched by the cyclone. Afonso further rued that the meetings with Chief Minister and Fisheries Minister have gone futile. “We only get assurances,” he said.
When contacted the Fisheries Director S C Verenkar said that rough estimate loss and assessment certificate along individual loss claims have already been submitted to the Collectorate.
Under the scheme “Calamities Relief Fund”, Fisheries Department was asked to conduct inquiries on the property and other losses borne by fishermen and trawler owners at each of these seven jetties.
The monitoring agency – Collectorate was submitted the said report in July but it returned back 33 proposals of Pernem and Bardez talukas to process it as per the guidelines by the Central Government.
Speaking to Deputy Collector (LA) Anthony D’Souza said that all cases of natural calamities relief fund till 2009 are disposed off.
“It should be kept in mind that under such circumstances, according to the Centre’s guidelines, only fishermen who own traditional canoes and traditional nets are eligible to get funds,” said the officer.
While, the maximum prescribed amount of Rs 7,500 is granted for replacement of fully damaged traditional crafts and nets, Rs 2,500 is disbursed for partial damages.
Sources say that the officials were asked to probe into losses because the claims made were too high.
Meanwhile, speaking on Chief Minister’s Relief Fund, Verenkar said that the delay was due to technical problems on confirmation of deaths of fishermen.
The department this year is leaving no stone unturned in taking precautionary measures. “We are alerting them in advance. We have also set up monitoring cell to receive messages on weather updates, which will be immediately disseminated to societies and jetties,” the fisheries director further stated.


Oscar Fernandes said...

Cyclones and other disasters are a great blessings to the Goan Ministers and politicians to loot the money that comes in the form of aid. Foreign nation should make sure that they give the aid to the individuals personally and not give it in the hands of the government.

Dalia said...

....Goencho Sorkar, Goencho Devnchar....

Rane Rane Rane Rane,
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Tumi Goenche vhodle Nogounne,
Devache etoch tumcam apounem,
Sozmat Devnchar ditolo tumcam tikkanem.

Iffernant tumi torostolet nastana doie'a
Sounsarant astana, zata titlem nagoun khaie'a
Bholsam borun, urta tem baki chorank khau"dea
Konachoch boball naka, sogle ugi rau'iea
Soglee ektaim zaun re Goem vattun khaum-ia.

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Urleat tevui sangti, sogle tume gad'dar,
Goenche porjeche xirapani tumi re jietat.

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Koxe porim Goenchea lugarachi launk ti vatt
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Tea meren vaingonn' rovop ordeanim dilim sodun.

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Hea sogleam chorank diat danvdavun,
Niz Goenkar eun fuddem sorun,
Drugs and drugs vikteleank,
Ghalat fondant, hatani duklun.

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