Where has the Police drug nexus gone? Gone with the wind or covered under blanket. Where are Ravi Naik’s professional Policemen who are investigating the case? The man who is investigating the case is as crooked as Naik himself. Apart from sabotaging the investigation Chandrakant Salgaoncar has done nothing more.
Police Drug Nexus
At the moment it looks like the case is in the drawers. A likely final report will be sent to the Court whereby all the accused will be acquitted. Atala has been done away with. Where has Atala gone? Has he too blown with the wind? Some say that Atala will never surface again any more? Who is involved with the disappearance of the Atala? Is it Ravi Naik or is it Chandrakant Salgaoncar? Or could it be that both of them are involved in this strange disappearance of Atala?

There can only be questioned asked without getting any answers. Mr. Manohar Parrikar in an interview with NIZ GOENKAR said that this is not a lapse but a deliberate act on the part of law and the politician. It looks like there is no follow up on the case. One of the top cops was supposed to visit Sweden to meet Lucky Farmhouse. Has the trip been put off? When all the evidence is on the table and the accused running scot free around what more evidence is required? Statements do not help.
The right step to get the case thoroughly investigated is to hand it over to the CBI or NIA. Why is the Chief Minister so unwilling to hand over the case to the central agency? Has he got any involvement in the case? Is he involved in this scam in anyway?
The story by the Home Minister, that DySP Chandrakant Salgaoncar is a professional investigator seems to be just an imagination on the part of Ravi Naik. Where are the other politicians sleeping? Instead of throwing out the single vote of Ravi Naik why do they support him in his anti-CBI drive? Is it true what Ravi said that the Politicians get HAFTE from the drug dealers? Why is Churchill Alemao silent on the issue? At one time the Home Minister said that Goa is free from drugs and now he says that it is nothing new that drugs operate in Goa. Why these two type of statements? Can Ravi Naik shed some light on the two type of statements. As far as the professionalism of your Police are concerned, Ravi, it can be seen through the outcome of the investigations by Chandrakant Salgaoncar and Sunita Sawant.
Can the government of Goa let the public of Goa know how far the investigation of the police drug nexus reached? The public is eager for some answers from you. Have you any answers? But before that declare before the public the progress made in the case. It is more than 3 months now that the progress of the case is become a hidden agenda. In conclusion of the article all I can say is GOD SAVE THE GOANS AND GOA!


Jane De Sa said...

I do not think the answers asked by the author will ever be available. Atala has been silenced. Parrikar is also quiet now.

Shyam Sawant said...

Atala is history now much to the relief of Ravi Naik and DSP Salgaonkar. But where is Sunil Kauthankar now? He use to make so much noise about it. Has he been bought now?

diogofichardo said...

Atala is buired 6ft deep. if otherwise let the law proove it.

Dalia said...

How can Chors investigate Chors? This is the shame of Goa. A terrific drug lord escaped and the other drug lords are moving freely with police security. It is high time the Governor dissolve this corrupt ministry of Cowmuth and proclaim Presidents Rule. The present set of politicians are all involved in cases, criminal cases including murders. The police machinery in Goa is incompetent. Half of the Police force is busy providing security to the big Chors - the politicians, another quarter is busy collecting haftas and the rest are busy doing the personal service of the higher officials. We are busy paying taxes and hitting the key board. What is left in Goa is a state of lawlessness. The security of Goa now should be handed over to CISF. As long as Congress rule India, this will be our state, specially in Goa. The BJP is better except it's communalism and Parrikar is a better adminstrator in a wrong party. Parrikar is not a saint but a better of the lot. Now the sons and may be Drugs Naik himself will sell drugs openly under police protection. Goa is another Mexico or Colombia of the East?

dlp said...

This Atala is like Charles Sobraj. He must be having all the police force around the world in his pockets Now that he is back home in Israel, Ravi Naik will breathe a sigh of relief. First they let him cross the border and after he escapes they block all the borders. What a drama!!! Does Ravi's two monkeys still need police protection now?

Ratol Baba said...

dlp, is that cash in his hand for the police in Goa? I am sure that Salgaokar and PI Hasish Naik of drugs fame, including the drug lord sons of Matka Drug Naik must be on his payroll as usual. Don't you think that it is a total shame for the police in Goa? I was thinking that their uniform only looks dirty but their dees are more dirtier than the dirtiest. I missed this Niz Goenkar for a while as I was busy settling accounts with TWP who has now taken the job of Private Detective in the Goa Police Department. His job will be to ensure that all low cadre policemen sincerly drop their hafta collection under the table of their boss. They are left to feed themselves on free Bhelpuri and Omlette-pau.

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