Israeli drug dealer Yaniv Benaim alias Atala, who jumped bail in Goa in June, has returned to his country, according to popular Israeli news website http://www.ynet.com/.  Atala is one of the main cogs in the police-politician drug nexus, in which state home minister Ravi Naik's son Roy is linked, according to a witness in the drug mafia case.
The website, quoting friends of Atala, said he was last seen near his home in Rishon LeZion, a town located a few kilometres from capital Tel Aviv.
The report on the website also states that the drug dealer told a friend in his hometown that he entered Israel a few days after jumping bail. 'Indian authorities had reported in the last few weeks that Yaniv Ben Naaim was missing, but the Israeli drug dealer was in fact on his way to Israel and he now hides in Rishon Letzion, his home town,' www.ynet.com stated.
Atala, arrested six months ago in Goa for suspected drug trafficking, ran away three weeks ago from house arrest which he was sentenced by the court in India and since then his trails were lost, the Ynet.com says. The Israeli staying in Goa was caught on hidden camera by his former girlfriend Lucky Farmhouse while bragging about his links with the policemen.

He had claimed that the policemen were selling him drugs, which were seized in various raids, to push them back into the market. Atala was arrested in March after the video was uploaded on youtube.com.
Seven policemen, including Anti Narcotics Cell chief Ashish Shirodkar, were also arrested after Atala's confessions were aired by a local news channel in February this year.
Goa police spokesman Atmaram Deshpande reacting to the development said that he is not in a position to comment. Other senior police officers also refused to speak on the issue.
Police had issued red corner notice against Atala few weeks after his absence was noticed from the state. Police had claimed that it would be difficult for Atala to cross the country borders. - (PTI)


Dalia said...

This is some bad news for the politicians and police of Goa. Not because he is alive but knowing that the truth is out in the press and specially Niz Goenkar that published it yesterday by sunset. It is a mistake to refer Atala as Israeli drug dealer, he should be referred as Goa’s Drug Lord. I am sure he is not a drug dealer or drug lord in his country. The Israel’s government policy won’t tolerate that. Now since this is published, precious time will be wasted in denials, meetings and forming delegations. Ravi Naik will get his PRO’s to learn the further strategy of denials, spreading lies, etc.
I presume that Ravi Naik and Goa Police might have arranged for his safe passage from Dabolim, channelling him through VIP conduit directly to the aircraft as flights from Goa are directly taking off for Middle East and other countries. Otherwise, how will he be able to move freely in places like Bombay or Delhi and other major airports and board aircraft? The Goa Government should be answerable to the citizens who it fools on a daily basis.
There is no development in Goa in general except the development of the own interests of the ruling lot and other politicians. God Save Goa, at least what is left of now.

Peter de Agacaim (UK) said...

What will happen? Nothing!!! Since the drug sellers wer the Gua Police themselves, who is going to conduct a serious enquiry against them? How can the police write a sincere report that can go against them? The enquiry should be given to an independent commision on a fast track basis with powers to prosecute. This should happen much before Ashish Shirodkar and DySP Salgaonkar start selling drugs back on the beach. What a shame that we have a drug selling department in the police itself?

dlp said...

This Atala is like another Charles Sobraj. He has got all the police force around the world in his pocket. See??? He is already counting the money who to bribe next. Ravi Naik must be smiling to himself now. Still needs that police protection for those two monkeys of his???

Rolito Fernandes said...

Now the Goa Police can make arrangements to go to Israel to search for Atala. I know, many will try to take this opportunity to take a jolly ride at our cost in the name of investigation and come empty handed like in any other case. The Government of Goa run by the thugs and criminals is the worst administration we ever had. Please Goans, do not vote these politicos back to power again or else we will see the end of Goa. It does not make a difference whether Congress or BJP rules Goa, the present set of ruling MLA’s are all ex-BJP or defectors from BJP. So what is the difference?

franco said...

Atala must have vanished from the border of Nepal. He must have left India with a VIP security escorting him out of India. Where is the security of the Indian Government? First of all the Goa Police should have confiscated his passport and kept in safe custody. Are there no rules for the powerful people, who can manipulate any type of services required by them even to get out of the country? This is what our systems work if you have money and power. Atala is a free man now. Hope he eliminates all those involved in Goa in drug business so that we are free from the clutches of the drug mania. That is why the drug barons need more security for their sons. What a hectic development for the whole world to see that you commit a crime in Goa, and you can go scotch free without any harm. This is Indian system of handling the situation.

Dalia said...

Franco, this is not the INDIAN SYSTEM, the system is tailor made for politicians and criminals alike to escape from the clutches of law. The rules for India were written by the blind more than 50 years ago. Rightly said by you, why the Gua Pulis failed to get his passport?

dlp said...

Franco... even if his passport had been confiscated, he would still get a VIP treatment and safely been escorted ouf of India through any border. Now that he is alive and not 6 feet deep, The drug mafias in Goa must be shitting in their pants and want police protection. One of the corrupt politician's goon has threatened to kill me. I have not done anything wrong. I am only fighting for my beloved Goa and that is the reason I have been threatened. Who is going to give me protection? If these two monkeys can get police protection, why shouldn't I get the same. Aren't we all equal or do you need a relative who is a powerful minister??? Shame shame on the Indian system. It works well for some and not so well for some. And it doesn't work at all for people like us.

mario said...

Goa Home Minister Charas Ravi & Goa chor DGP along his criminal infected crime branch & immigration department staffs of Goa made it easy for Atala to travel to Dubai then Jordan and finally to Israel with the help of Judas sitted in Israel Embassy in Delhi.

Ratol Baba said...

dlp, is that cash in his hand for the police in Goa? I am sure that Salgaokar and PI Hasish Naik of drugs fame including the drug lord sons of Matka Drug Naik must be on his payroll as usual. Don't you think that it is a total shame for the police in Goa? I was thinking that their uniform only looks dirty but their deeds are more dirtier than the dirtiest shit. They want to corrupt our Goa with drugs, crime and prostitution.
I missed this Niz Goenkar for a while as I was busy settling accounts with TWP who has now taken the job of Private Detective in the Goa Police Department. His job will be to ensure that all low cadre policemen sincerly drop their hafta collection under the table of their boss. They are left to feed themselves on free Bhelpuri and Omlette-pau.

dlp said...

Ratol Baba... and if the free Bhelpuri and Omlette-pau doesn't suffice, the last resort is Ratol. You will be in business then. Ha! Ha!!

Anonymous said...

If this Goan policians knew the meaning of the words "SHAME, DISGRACE or DISHONOUR" they would not be where they are right now. By now, Digamber Kamat would have placed an order for Ratol tubes through Mickey Pacheco and taken the pledge en masse, orchestrating the events of Jim Jones's Peoples Temple in Guyana

franco said...

They are fully aware that this forum is growing in leaps and bounds and crossing all its boundaries and therefore they are trying to dislodge us in whatever way possible with their muscle power and money. First it was Niz Gonenkar, 2nd it was dlp third may be Dalia and then the list will go on. Where do we stand? With this type of tendency, the Goa Police will never listen to our integrity and instead blame us. The politicians know the trick of their trade. Everybody knows that the Goa government has failed in all respects. If one politician speaks about others corrupt deeds , they are made scapegoats and get necessary payment for raising their voices and put to silence or their past misdeeds are scraped. This is how it is moving. Where is our rights gone. I think the proverb of “pen is mightier than sword” is just an ideology in Goa and now it should be the vice-versa. Now this is the challenging times of our strength whether we stay on and continue fighting for our rights in achieving our goal or go back with our sussegad attitude and close our ears and eyes in allowing the corrupt leaders carry out looting in whatever comes their way. Thats what the are looking out. There should no resistance in whatever they are doing. Rest it all depends on God.

Dalia said...

I dashed an email to Sonia at soniagandhi@sansad.nic.in

Dear Madam,
I am from Goa and a regular reader and commentator on my dear e-magazine Niz Goenkar. I do not know if this mail will reach to you. But hope against hope, I need to make you understand that our Goa is ruined by the politicians. All is packed in articles in Niz Goenkar.

I urge you to read this e-magazine on a daily basis and understand the feeling of the Goan people. If you do that, we will really feel proud. Reading Niz Goenkar will give you an understanding about the political situation of Goa.

Please follow the link:http://nizgoenkar.blogspot.com

Thank you for your time,


Shyam Sawant said...

Friends one has to thank DSP (Dirty Scumy Pig) Chandrakant Salgaonkar for all this. He has to be promoted straight away to the rank of DG of Police (DG = Dukracho Ghu).

Dalia said...

And here what you can find in the list of International abbreviations:
CM = Core Monkey
PWD = Person With a Disability
DIG = Dead in Ground
IGP = I Gotta Pee
SP = Sure Parasite
DSP = Dead Service Provider
PI = Personal Income

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