MAPUCA: Mapuca police today arrested one Bharat Parmecar from Duler for selling plaster of Paris idols of Ganesh. He was released on bail later.
The information was provided by the Bardez mamlatdar M. G. Shankwalkar, based on which the police raided the shop of Parmekar at duler and attached 60 idols of Ganes on September 9th. The police sent one of the idols to the pollution control board for verification.
Based on the report received from the pollution control board that the idol was indeed made of PoP, Mr. Shankwalkar lodged a plice complaint and the accused was arrested. Though the accused has been released on bail the same day, the seal of his shop is still intact and according to the police the permission of the court is required to open the seal. Investigations of the case are in progress


Dalia said...

Lads and ladies, this is a great story. A great achievement for our great Gua police. They should be commended for arresting someone selling Ganesh idols of PoP. The actual sellers of drugs go scot free. Can the Gua police explain why PoP along with bandage is used in patients with fractures? Does pollution control board know what pollution is? If they were awake, the mining pollution should have been contained by now. Can they explain where the doctors and specially GMC dispose off this waste? Business rivalry. PoP dissolves in water and drugs spoils the youth.

Sandesh Gaonkar said...

They have not guts to catch the drug dealers, The pollution control board is nothing but utter rubbish made up of rubbish uneducated scums. If PoP is a hazardous matter, then just like dalia said it should be banned in the hospitals as well. Mining is according to them the purifier of atmosphere.

Trupti Nayak said...

Let them first stop the pollution caused by the mines and then stop PoP idols. This they won't be doing because they will lose getting money behind the backs.

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