PANJIM: The division bench of the High Court of Bombay at Goa comprising of Mr Justice D G Karnik and Mr Justice F M Reis issued notice to Mr Amit Monserrate, son of Education Minister, Mr Atanasio Monserrate, the Corporation of the City of Panaji (CCP) and the North Goa Planning and Development Authority (NGPDA), to appear before it.  The notice was issued while hearing a petition filed by Dr S P Deshpande, ex chief town planner.
In the petition it was alleged that Mr Monserrate encroached about 900 square metres of the plot number 5 and 6 at Miramar earmarked as free space as per the planning rules by building an illegal compound wall which forms a part of Monserrate’s bungalow.
Mr Deshpande appearing in person submitted to the court that inspite of bringing the said encroachment to the notice of concerned authorities, no action was sought to be taken. He stated that a site inspection had been carried out by the CCP, wherein it was clearly confirmed that the structure was an encroachment.
The current market value of the encroached plot is around ` 10 crore and prayed that the authorities should be directed to take action against the encroachers.
The matter will now come up for hearing on October 18 where Mr Monserrate alongwith the CCP and the NGPDA is expected to remain present.


Dalia said...

And here the Annadi father and the rapist son, what a pair, looks like the beggars of Churchgate. Shame of Goa. Read the amount involved in the scam. It was the big mistake of the Monserrates to adopt this devil who destroyed Goa.

N.Fernandes said...

Isn`t Amit Monseratte the younger son of this theiving & rapist family.?Here is an example of a very young person being used as a proxy by Babush to accquire properties.This is what is called a "BENAMI".BENAMI-meaning=Benami purchases are purchases in false name of another person, who does not pay the consideration but merely lends his name, while the real title vests in ....?
I am sure Amit is under 25 years old.To have acheived such a lot of wealth in his thus far, short life is truly questionable.Here goes another TAX Evading family.Tax money that would belong to the Goans.Mr Monseratte is also using this to evade declaring his wealth to the Election commissioner just in case there is an investigation carried out.And do not forget...Mickky Pacheco takes advice from Monseratte on these dodgy & criminal schemes.

Bebdo said...

The people of Taleigao should be ashamed of electing a known scoundrel, money-lender, goonda, rapist, robber, paedophile, pervert, rascal as their representative.
As the adage goes: Like father like son. The two are alike.
On another issue, why is the local government not taking any action against Vishwajeet for encroaching open space in Dona Paula?

Dalia said...

Digambara, Digambara, fuisor assai re tum CHORA?
Goeam cholta tem tujem raj, broxttacharanim re bhorla
Sogle tumi chor, Goem chorit rava,
Uprant lokanche bogun xirap tumche porank,
Milmileanim tumi kusun, vollvoleanim mora,
Zago zau, zago zau, danv re Chora.
Ani tuca danvadaunk, uttat re Niz Goenkara
Uttat re Niz Goenkara

Anonymous said...

First of all, this Education Minister needs an education...he is a gunda of the first degree! It is shameful for Goa to have someone uneducated to be the minister of Education??? What a joke!! Only it is not funny because all the lives of the youth, the future of Goa, is being destroyed. This family should move out of Goa and let us have our peace back. We don't need rapists and thieves with no intelligence. The only thing they think about is getting rich. Greedy for money, stuff his coffin with the money he LOOTed Goa when he dies. Look at the wife, you can tell she is too greedy for money. They are so sick with greed and power, and they can’t see it. The son said the both mother and father rule Goa, so I can do anything including rape a minor. Their family name should be known in history as have produced the rapist son! I believe Mickkey made all his money the same way as Mr N Fernandes said, looting Goa. He made up the story of inheriting the money from the black American wife #1 or # 2???? He had to cover his tracks so nobody would look into it. I hope our Goan people will try to be clean from now on and not elect these uneducated rouges. We have already lost so much of Goa. I hope the people that elected these people realize that they did Goa very wrong and that our ancestors are looking down and are very, very angry. I hope that the people of Goa look inside themselves about being honest God abiding people, and will not make the same mistake again. The rapist son will go free, as they is no justice in Goa for the rich politicians, our chosen people!

Robert said...

Babush is a Masters in Robbery. People fail to understand what it is. Many mistake the Chor for a nice man as they are crumb eaters. He is highly educated and intelligent in robbing Goa. Don't ask for more than that.

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