Days after he hogged the headlines vis-à-vis the alleged immigration and money laundering racket, former tourism minister Mickky Pacheco has slapped a notice on the Indian Express calling upon the newspaper management to pay him Rs 50 crore as damages for defamation.
Pacheco’s lawyer, Adv Srikant Nayak said that Pacheco has also demanded an unqualified and unambiguous apology from the Indian Express within 7 days failing which he has threatened to initiate immediate legal and criminal proceedings for the offence of defamation.
In his notice, Adv Nayak said the news under the heading “Goa’s Pacheco may be part of mega racket, US tells India” is false, baseless and highly defamatory and made with the intention to defame the Benaulim MLA. “By saying so, you have engaged in writing a wanton, malign and completely outrageous, false and wholly indefensible libel of the Benaulim MLA. The published contents are a matter of record and have been read by millions of people around the country and the world and have inflicted grave, incalculable and irreparable damage to the reputation, character and credibility of the former minister,” the notice stated.
“You have alleged that top government sources said that the Bureau of Diplomatic Security first got in touch with the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) through the US mission in New Delhi, and has since backed the allegations against my clients with documents and details of banking transaction. You have further alleged that the evidence is being described as substantive and watertight,” Nayak said in the notice.
Meanwhile, the Benaulim MLA told newsmen after inaugurating free tailoring classes at Majorda that he did not care for the political leaders and that only God and the people would decide his political future.
“Let the political leaders plot against me, but I know that God and the people are with me,” he added.


Anonymous said...

No one cares of anybody now a days. What's said and done remains registered in black and white imaged potrayed damned, tarnished and stimatised forever, regardless who says what.

It just does not matter if God and the people are with you or against you but, it would be interesting to see if "Indian Express" is with you or with the 39 others in the house. Since, Pacheco has come up with this sensational case of defamation of character assassination, would the news media go down on bended knees and plead guilty? This is reputation and trust of the media to be truthful in all aspects of news broadcast.

Whom will it hurt most, let us wait and watch.

Joe Rebello said...

Washing hands like pontius pilate. This crook mickky is very expert in washing his hands off. In the court he will get not 50 crores but 50 lashed on his butts. Shameless fellow thinks and pretends to be innocent.

Shyam Sawant said...

How can God be with such an evil monkey. Only those people who live on his breadcrumbs are with him and not the right thinking Goans. I pray to God that more terrorists may spring up and come to Goa and do away with this monkey tailor Pacheco first.

Dalia said...

Chorak sodanch vhodlem tond..........aiz maka matso time na fuddlem sangap. Tomorrow he will file a similar suit against CBI? Did Express sent CBI to investigate him? This is publicity, chor fuicho.

franco said...

Does this MM has any character that his advocate has described in his report. He has done numerous wrong doings which were portrait rightly by the Indian Express and other blogs too. Now he believes that people and God is with him. He can buy people by his money but how can he buy God for this worthless deeds. Today he is trying to grab money from the Indian Express tomorrow he will say that this forum of Niz Goenkar is tarnishing his image and try to sue the developer of this site Menino de Valpoi? VIVA GOA.

Dalia said...

God is with him in everything? God is thre with him only with good deeds and not bad deeds, he should realize that the devil has sourced his soul to do all bad things and since when he started believing in good deeds? He has broken all the Ten Commandments and this man talking about good deeds and God? What a joke.

Felix Mascarenhas said...

A men who has lived all his life and is still living his life worshipping the Devil is out to spoil the name of God. Yes God know what he has done but he knows that God will not come to the court to prove it. So he uses Him. But the fool, son of a gun does not know that God has His own ways to deal with him. He knows how to send the evidence down to the court. The stupid monkey Tailor Pacheco will not understand this. His time is coming close. Now he has started playing hide and seek with God as well just like Adam did after committing the first original sin.

dlp said...

That bottle looks very familar. I think he has bought it from Ratol Baba.

Dayanant Khanolkar said...

What is the nut talking about suing? Both he and his dolt advocate Nayak are acting like stupid animals. They can do nothing to the Indian Express. The CBI have given their statements as to what they are investigating the nut sickky. It was USA that declared him so. Ask him to sue US Government if he has got any balls.

Alcantro Carneiro said...

Advocate are out to make hay while the sun shines. Nayak is out to earn something. For Nayak it does not matter even if he has to sell out his wife, his daughter or his mother to mickky for s.....x as long as he gets his money. There are other advocates who do not even bother to look at this crook mickky.

diogofichardo said...

I doubt any politician on this earth ever fears God, Just see how conflicts are started with lies. So where do our Goan politicians stand with God? "Thou shall not take the name of thy lord in vain"

Ratol Baba said...

The rat of Ratolbatim is posing clean once again? He can fool all but not at all time. He is a rapist cum killer. Look at his record and one could judge that he has enough of shit on his head. How long will he try to fool people? He is a man with no morals left, a criminal and there are no more enough words to describe his bad deeds. People sorrounding him are dubious, characterless and of course casino looters included. Some are pimps and most others have some sort of criminal record. Leave him without a portfolio for a year and see how he will start begging as usual.

dlp said...

Does he understand the meaning of the word "Sue". Or is he referring to his new Girlfriend Ms. Sue???

Ratol baba said...

Here are the 10 Commandments Mickey follows:

Thou shall not commit adultery

Thou shall not rob, specially someone's wife.

Thou shall not commit murder

Thou shall not burn shacks

Thou shall not rape

Thou shall not feed Ratol to humans

Thou shall not file false case against Indian Express

Thou shall not loot Casinos

Thou shall not keep additional concubines

Thou shall not always speak lies

Jack Fernandes said...

And what Ratol Baba forgot is as follows:-
Thou shall not beat Kadamba drivers
Thou shall not beat Electricity Engineer
Thou shall not beat Animal Husbandry Employees
Thou shall not beat Sara
Thou shall not beat the opponents
Thou shall not beat Casino Operator
Thou shall not beat Winston (Nadia's husband)
Thou shall not beat the fisherwoman's daughter
Thou shall not beat Maxie
And thou shall not keep the money in US tha is being robbed from Goa

Anyone have more? Get on here

Anonymous said...

Hey come on guys you are framing commandments for Micky but about the real commandments which our faith teaches us? Thou shall not speak evil of others. Every Person has a right to his name, I am clean to point out to others?
Ratol Baba are you clean? can we imitate you? Or the Parable The speck and the Log applies to us too?

Ratol Baba said...

Anonymous, you should ask this question to the mouse as he is now preaching the name of God with all his misdeeds, I am human thoug incomplete but a better human than one who commits crimes and says God is with him. Fooling others in the name of God istself is the biggest sin. Sorry if my writing hurts any individuals. Sinning with full knowledge repeatedly and confessing does not absolve oneself of the sufferings of others due to these intended sins.

Shyam Sawant said...

Another anonymous who lives on the breadcrumbs fallen from Mickky's table. That is why this fellow is writing withouth using his name. My dear do not try to defend the undefendables. Your mickky commits crimes against both God and man. Open your eyes and see the harm caused by him. What would you have said if this was done to your family or members of your family?

Rogtao de Betalbatim said...

Well said Ratol Baba, Jack and Shyam. Anonymous should sit with the mouse and read all the above comments including the one am writing now. Let us get the feed back from Anonymous through these columns if he understood anything out of all these above columns. If not, then dear anonymous, it will be understood that you are like any-mouse.

Rolito Fenrandes said...

Interesting to read the feeling of the mouse and his advocate. Read these sentences once again...........The published contents are a matter of record and have been read by millions of people around the country and the world and have inflicted grave, incalculable and irreparable damage to the REPUTATION, CHARACTER and CREDIBILITY of the former minister,” the notice stated. ******JOKE, what is the meaning of these capitalised words?

N.Fernandes said...

Mickky Pacheco is unlikely to succeed with this 7 day express threat to the Indian Express Newspaper or eventual filing on any Court Case /litigation.This defamation has to be filed under Libel laws.I doubt that the Indian Express Newspaper would publish this without the facts as is alleged by Mickky and his Advocate.In any Court Miccky will have to first prove that he is is of "previous Good Character" and this article has injured his emotional feelings & reputation.However Mickky fails to understand that he has a string of alleged offences( more than average) registered against him.Some of these are very serious in nature.His previous criminal activity is well published in all Indian & foreign newspapers & other media(not just Goa).The Supreme Court of India also refused to grant him bail in the Nadia Torrado case due to his bad reputation to interfere with evidence and witnesses(sometimes with physical attack).Another fact he is not aware of is, that the US Government has given India a deadline to resolve illegal immigration from India.Many Indians have gone to the USA on short term visas and then have overstayed in the US.When caught,they state they have no documentation.The Indian Government will not accept them back unless proved that they were original residents of India.India has stated to the US that it requires 6 months to establish which Part of India they come from.The reason for this is that many Bangladeshis / Sri Lakans (Tamil) too have also remained illegaly in the US and if returned wish to go to India.India is unhappy to accept them and issue them with Passports to return to India.Also, I "do not" think that the US Diplomatic Security department would have been happy for its reputation to be muddied & mailgned by The Indian Express Newspaper.It would have surely, by now,come out an disowned the allegation against Mickky.There is a saying "all roads lead to Rome".So it would seem likely that the poor Goan boys that got caught & interviewed in the US,stated that their documentation was prepared by Mickky Pacheco and his ever "name changing" recruitment agencies.Mickky fails to understand that he is a "PSYCHOPATH":**(WIKIPEDIA=Psychopath- the term used for a personality disorder characterized by an abnormal lack of empathy combined with strongly amoral conduct but masked by an ability to appear outwardly normal.OR Answer.com= A mentally unbalanced person who is inclined toward antisocial and criminal behavior.The new term used is also SOCIOPATH.I wish his supporters the best of luck.His supporters are usually of low Intellectual calibre and are easily bought for a few Rupees or Gandhi Notes.There is a Goan by the name of John D`souza,who has questioned my intergrity on "Goa News".He asks why I comment about Goa from London.He takes exception to me commenting on Mickky.He must understand that those of us Goans that comment from abroad,firstly do not need his permission on "open forums" and secondly we do so to express "SOLIDARITY" with our Goan brothers & sisters who are striving to make Goa a better and BEAUTIFUL place.John D`souza should also learn that many world issues have been highlighted abroad and received support from there...sometimes directly & sometimes indirectly.eg Vietnam war,anti -apartheid,slavery,nuclear missiles etc . I am sure he also comments here from the tone & flavour of his arguments.He is one of Mickky`s boys.!!!!

N.Fernandes said...

**Here is the comment from John D`souza ON Goa News :To N Fernandes - How much money have you paid to shift in London. What could be the fair and average bribe acceptable for a jobless Goan to go to work abroad like you. Have you helped any Goan to get a job there free? if Yes then you as a humble Goan come down here and stand for election, we will surely vote you.

John D Souza , Margoa - Goa | 18 th September 2010 16:44 IST .

dlp said...

Jack Fernandes... Can I add one more???
Though shall beat Viola only after you are fed up of playing her violin or her strings sounds 'desafinado'.
After that he can play a raphsody on her with Ratol.

dlp said...

Who is this Anonymous???? One of the "Dogui Bodmas"????

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