CUNCOLIM: In a sad turn of events, a five day old infant, a baby girl was found behind the Cabo de Rama bus stand abandoned, on Friday the 17th September. The baby was wrapped in a bed sheet and was lying there for almost 24 hours. It was clear that the child had been there so long from the ant bites on her body.
The Cuncolim police immediately took the possession of the infant and had her admitted at the Balli Primary Health Centre for preliminary treatment and from there moved her immediately to the Hospicio Hospital, Margao for further medical treatment.
Margao SDPO, DySP Umesh Gaonkar informed that they would send the child to APNA GHAR at Merces after her discharge. DySP Gaonkar said that this is a case of concealing the child birth and the delivery must have taken place at home. A case has been registered at the Cuncolim Police Station against unknown persons.


diogofichardo said...

Couples that get involved in sexual activities must take responsibilities for the end product. It turn them from lust to criminals. They must be arrested and charged.

Anonymous said...

The most recent case of abandoning a new born bloodied infant found in a trash can onboard a philipines flight which departed from Dubai.

This subject is news in this Asian countries as society considers it a taboo. Coming out of any Arabian country are mainly domestic servants who are exploited, forced upon under duress and subsequently expedited if found to be pregnant.

In such cases the authorities must go in search of the father and initiate charges of exploitation, forcible rape and an intent to destroy a woman's character.

Same Anonymous said...

Arrested and charged by whom my friend? Gua Police?
And then get discharged by the Court?

Dalia said...

Must be the insane parents punished. Ultimately, the culprits should be sentenced to harsh punishment.

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