Goa police arrested one 38 year old man at Bambolim when he was looking for a prospective buyer to sell a country made pistol brought from Bihar. Having received information that a man was out at Bambolim trying to sell pistol, the cops caught Suhas Godse.
Godse who had arrived from Bihar today, was caught when he was sitting in a bar looking for a buyer for the gun which is known as KATTA. He has been arrested for illegal possession of arm, stated Deu Benaulikar, the DySP.
The police said that the accused had alighted from the train at Vasco, and from there he had proceeded to Carambolim, from where he came to Bambolim. To his bad luck he was caught at Bambolim. The accused further disclosed to the police that he was from Handiwadi, Curchorim. “But this looks doubtful to us. We are trying to investigate from where bought the gun” said the DYSP.


Anonymous said...

With all the crap going on in Goa we are noticing that many good things are happening on the policing front. Please continue to do what you do best and we sincerely appreciate your good work. As for the criminals, please ensure that all Goan toilets in the lockup are secured so that they do not make their escape.

diogofichardo said...

Well done Goa Police another gun out of the way, but it must be destroyed. Where do these criminals come from?

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