PANJIM: A minor child, who escaped from Apna Ghar and was later traced by the police, has informed the home's counsellor that he escaped as he was abused by another minor boy lodged in the house, who used to give him "electric shocks", besides "beating with wires".
The minor informed the counsellor that the boy, who is also in need of care and shelter, had been abusing him for several days. "The abuse includes giving electric shocks and beating with wires. He said that the boy asks many to rob money from the teachers and others so that he can buy tobacco for him. Further, he added that the (boy) asks many other people to get tobacco for him on a daily basis.
Secondly, he added that he wants to go home," stated the counsellor Allen Mascarenhas' report on the child. This is revealed in the counsellor's report on the two children who escaped from Apna Ghar and were later traced by the police. On August 7, five children escaped from Apna Ghar by breaking the toilet door and then using the frame of the door to bend the window grills in the toilet. They then escaped by jumping over the wall of the Apna Ghar. They were counselled individually after they were admitted to the institution, with an aim to investigate the purpose of escaping from Apna Ghar. The report was submitted to the director of Women and Child Welfare Sanjiv Gadkar.
When asked for the main reason for escaping from Apna Ghar, the minor said that on several occasions he had informed the child welfare committee members that he wanted to go home in Vasco where his parents along with one younger sister are staying. "As no action was taken he was frustrated and tried to escape," the report notes.
The child also informed the counsellor that they had planned to escape from the home on August 5, but were unable to execute the plan as few caretakers came inside the dormitory, where they were lodged, at that moment. "The child was observed to be totally frustrated as his plan of escaping failed. He said if that boy is back he cannot stay in the same dormitory as he abuses him and he cannot take it anymore," the counsellor's report notes. The counsellor interacted with the minor on August 8 at about 4 pm.
Meanwhile, another minor, who was also apprehended and brought back to Apna Ghar, told the counsellor that he escaped from the home as he wanted to meet his friends in Margao. "He stopped conversing with the counsellor as he started getting excited and started shouting saying 'how many times I have to tell you. I am frustrated that I am caught and my whole plan is failed'," the report added.
When contacted, CWC chairperson Inez Cotta Carvalho refused to comment, stating, "If you want, come and meet us." (TOI)


dlp said...

And what were the supervisors or people in charge there doing while this was going on, huh???

Anonymous said...

CWC Chairperson Inez Cotta Carvalho is a corrupt & dishonest women.Also a racist women who practice modern religion known as Lusitiano(Devil)who are slave of money.She also use the Apna Ghar vechicle for her personal benefits to carry household things and to carry her relatives for parties and leisure trips.

Dalia said...

Apna Ghar should be renamed as something else as so many cases erupted out of this place. I wonder what type of home it is. I was astonished seeing the Home for the aged on Sky News in UK where the Holy Pope paid a visit. These looks like real institutions where people are cared. All our 40 Alibaba' should be put on a mandatory 3 days stay at Apna Ghar for an experience.

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