PANJIM: Goa police team on trail of Joe Boy in Mumbai has returned back empty handed on Monday morning. Sources told Herald that a team of three North Goa police officials returned back nearly five days after police chief DGP Bhim Sain Bassi had sent them to Mumbai in search of the suspected accused.
Joe Boy is on a look out after Michael Fernandes during police interrogation confessed that the former was given the contract to kill Roy, son of the Home Minister Ravi Naik.
A special police team was immediately formed and sent to Mumbai, on tip-off information. So also, police teams in Goa have still not achieved any further breakthrough even as Home Minister’s family is given fool-proof police security.
Rumors of Joe Boy’s arrest floated today evening though reliable police sources confirmed that they are still carrying out intense search to locate the history-sheeter. “We are still tracing him…Our teams are on constant look out for Joe Boy in Goa and outside,” a police officer said
When contacted the Deputy Inspector General of Police Ravindra Yadav refused to divulge anything on the investigation. “I am not aware,” was his pat reply when questioned on the rumours of Joe Boy’s arrest.
Joe Boy was apparently paid Rs 2 crore to accomplish the task. Before the police could reach Joe Boy after confession by the pistol-wielding chief Michael Fernandes, he managed to give the police a slip. The BJP however has rejected the story by the police and the Home Minister. They said that it was just a ploy to safeguard themselves after the Lucky Farmhouse declaration of Roy being involved in drug trade.


Lily Gracias said...

I do not know whether to laugh or to cry. If they can return empty handed from Bombay then what are they going to come with from Sweden.

Dalia said...

Can anyone believe this? Can anyone believe that Gua pulis are doing combing operations to cat a culprit? WOH! Gua Police were not able to catch their own Havaldar when he was absconding in the drugs case. They failed to catch the Mickey Mouse for a month. They failed to catch Monteiro until he surrendered. They failed in every single case. Now just because a drug dealer is involved and seems his life is in danger, are they doing this for a promotion from the drug dealers father who is Police boss? Do it, in the case of IGP's son's accident, PSI Dalvi got IMMEDIATE PROMOTION for acting wisely, now the case is dumped int he dust bin. Now, all those who are involved in the Joe boy chase may too, get so.

dlp said...

I want to join the Gua Police too. Nice haftas, nice holidays out of Goa, nice, nice, nice. Everything is nice in that department. Lucky guys!

Ashley Fernandes said...

Goans are taken for granted by these politicians. What a shame and disgrace these people has brought on us? Goa is now so popular for sex and drugs. People abroad used to commend us for our hospitality but now we are condemned for crime and corruption. Goa is lately famous for drug cartels and ineffecient police force.

Sandesh Gaonkar said...

The only way to salvage Goa and to save Goa is to kill all the politicians by hiring a hitman. The people of Goa can contribute for the job. Collect the money and give to some hitman who can do the job. It is high time these I mean all the politicians, have to be wiped out physically.

Bebdo said...

Remember the movie, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly? Just replace the Good with the Goan people, the Bad with the Police and the Ugly with the politicians. You get the picture? That is the fate of Goa today.
Unite Goans, and kick the arses of these 40 chors in the next elections.

aggybaba said...

Another feather in the cap of gua pulis.Bebdo, it would be damm easy to kick their asses,... if only we had a party of 40 true goans. Unfortunately, we dont have that, yet. Maybe in the near future. Till then, we'll have to make do with the current 40, or their offspring and siblings.

Dalia said...

And here what you can find in the list of International abbreviations:
CM = Core Monkey
PWD = Person With a Disability
DIG = Dead in Ground
IGP = I Gotta Pee
SP = Sure Parasite
DSP = Dead Service Provider
Any more you have in mind gentle people out there?

PI = Personal Income

dlp said...

Bebdo... You are brilliant man!

dlp said...

C (as in Constable) = Constipation

N.Fernandes said...

What would stop "JOEBOY" giving the Cops a few thousand rupees to return back to Goa without him.

Anonymous said...

I believe the story is a hoax to get the story away from the fact that Roy is a drug-dealer. Either that or that Roy has taken too much drug business from the other drug mafia. His father is playing very, very dirty and is a sick individual. Unfortunately the Home ministry is the mafia in Goa! Very sad state of affairs in Goa....looks like nobody can save us!

Unknown said...

Ahem.. I think Joe Boy was supposed to save us. If thats the answer you are looking for..

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