MARGAO: Just a day after Luizinho Faleiro and Francisco Sardinha made their presence in Benaulim constituency; PWD Minister Churchill Alemao has challenged both of them to contest from Benaulim in the next Assembly polls instead of supporting the candidature of aspiring candidates.
Reacting to the presence of Luizinho and Sardinha at Colva at the birthday function of South Goa Congress Vice-President, Francis Sequeira, who has disclosed plans to contest from Benaulim, Alemao sought to know why Luizinho and Sardinha are propping other candidates in Benaulim.
He challenged one of them to contest from Benaulim instead of supporting others as that would make them realise their stand in the constituency. “It appears that Faleiro now thinks that he is above Congress President Sonia Gandhi as he has started assuring tickets to Congress candidates”, he said, adding that both Luizinho and Sardinha are trying their best to return to State politics and dared them to contest from Benaulim constituency in the coming polls.
On Faleiro’s statement that he is opposed to Greater Goa, Alemao said that it was the dream of late Ravindra Kelekar, who had espoused the cause of inclusion of Konkani speaking areas into Goa to make the state Greater Goa. “I have only made a suggestion to the Goan leaders to debate on Kelekar’s dream to decide the future of the State”, Alemao said.
Incidentally, the PWD minister said that he was accused by many when he had signed the Tillari and Konkan Railway project on grounds that these projects would adversely affect Goa and Goans, adding that Goans have now realised how these and other projects have benefit the State.
“Karwar has land admeasuring 3250 sq kms and around three lakh population. If the area is merged with Goa, then we can get nuclear power from the Kaiga plant and can shift the Navy from Dabolim to the Sea Bird at Karwar”, he added.


Joe Rebello said...

Do not believe this donkey Churchill, he and luizino are both good friends. This is just outer show to fool the people. Churchill is a pig.

Dalia said...

Chorchill Dukor, do not talk of mergering areas of Karwar into Goa. Don't talk about the airport issue agin, you cheated us with Shave Goa Party and benefitted yourself to fill your own pockets. You cheated us on the Dabolim Airport. Do you think that we will still believe you? You are a self centered person with no thought for the feelings of your constituents and for the greater benefit of Goa. Shut up Dukor. Luizinho and Sardinha are like the you too, opportunists for their own interests. Francis Sequira is a political prostitute whom you want to sleep with at the moment. Let him concentrate on his own business, he will be better off without politics.

dlp said...

This is just a gimmick to fool the public. All of them are the best of friends. They must have had a meeting the previous night and over drinks Churchill must have told them that he is going to talk to the press against them but not to take it to heart. Tomorrow we will hear Luizino's comments against Churchill and so on... and on.... This is a never ending political drama.

franco said...

Chorchill has a big mouth. Does he have a heart and conscience to say that the Konkan railways have benefited the Goans? Just see the way it has destroyed our beautiful Goa by bringing more influx of Ghantis vis-à-vis corruptions, rapes, crimes, robberies, suicides, drugs menace, etc. Didn’t our forefathers enjoyed their lives and lived long without the Konkan Railway and other modern amenities? The only advantage these politicians gain was for their personal benefits the rest go to hell is what their motto.

Bebdo said...

Chorchill, Luizinho the dunkrakar and Sardinho the khaxtti bamon are all faces of the same coin. Luizinho the dunkrakar is the kumpar of Chorchill's son (godfather of chorchill's son). So there is no love lost between the two. These guys have ruined Goa due to their selfish interest and greed to make money.
Luizinho the dunkrakar whose father had a small hut and used to castrate pigs now owns islands off the Goan coast. He has built the Kesarval motel on encroached land. He has made enough money to last 10 generations.
Sardinha the khaxtti bamon is infamous for the marks scandal. Because of him the BJP came to power in Goa. Now his son is scouting for property measuring 2.5 lakhs in north Goa to contruct holiday cottages.Imagine the money these guys must have made as politicians. And this is the money of Goans that they have robbed and looted. If a thief robs 100 rupees he is imprisoned, but who is going to imprison these chors who have robbed millions and millions of Goan tax payers' money?
Kick these donkeys and chors out of Goa. If not drown them in the Arabian Sea.

chor chill said...

It's none of your business, if L & S support a potential candidate. And the two do not need to compete with your leitao. They are happy as they are. But you are having sleepless nights thinking about the failure, second time round, of your baby.

dlp said...

Bebdo... They are looting us honest Goans and some percentage of it goes to the corrupt lawyers and high court judges, so who will sentence them??? Prisons are built for poor people Not the hi-fi's. Do they realize there is next life after this? Judgement day is not far for them. Mickey Mouse's time is already close at hand and the others will follow suit soon I hope.

Anonymous said...

How the hell can Chorchill say that the Konkan railway has benefited Goans?? It is estimated that 100 people, non-Goans migrate to Goa everyday via this railway. The church spoke up against this too! This CHORchill has to kicked out of Goa, please...he is NOT a GOAN! Idiot! This is what happens when our common people elect uneducated people. People in Goa want people to be like them in office, but they need to realise that one has to have education to be in these positions!!...They are destroying Goa....please!! people of Goa.Stop doing stupid things like electing these destructors to Goa! I beg you!!!Stop this nonsence!!!

ladida said...

To anyone who will listen. When we say that we are being ruled by uneducated people (which is true by the way). We also are indirectly saying that the majority of Goans are also uneducated, as we are the ones who elect them into power. Goa I presume is a democracy and in a democracy the vote of majority counts, so the inference is majority of the goan population is uneducated as they elect uneducated candidate. My fervent request to the people of Goa is please, the educated, educate the uneducated and lets us have a beautiful peaceful GOA for the GOANS. Long live NIZ GOENKAR you are great.

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