PANJIM: A one-day token strike will be observed on Monday by petrol dealers association of Goa in support of all India petroleum traders.
The demands of the petrol pump owners include increase in dealer margin on percentage basis, restriction on opening of more outlets, uniform rates for products, security for petrol pumps by installing Closed Circuit TV Cameras (CCTV) and modifications of market guidelines and reciprocal systems of quality test.
The president of Goa Petrol Pumps Owners Association Paresh Joshi spoke about the token strike and the reason behind the same. “We are a part of Federaton of All India Petroleum Traders” he also said that almost every petrol pump in Goa is its member. This is except the pumps owned and run by the company. He also said the Federation of All India Petroleum Traders has given a call for an indefinite band from 20th September onwards. “That means“ he said “ No purchase, no sale thereafter. This is becoming a big issue but in order to support the apex federation, the Goa Petrol Dealers Association has decided to go on one day token strike on 20th.”
Mr. Joshi further said that the petrol dealers are aware about the inconvenience that would be caused to the public but at the same time they have to show their solidarity with their federation. He also stated that “we are aware of the lot of inconvenience to the people but we do not want to cause inconvenience to our customers at the same time we want to show our solidarity to our federation. So what we decided is that we will keep the petrol pumps open on Saturday and Sunday. There some petrol pumps which are closed on Sunday and are working on Monday, but this time we are going to keep the petrol pumps open on Sunday.”
He said that the smaller dealers could not survive on the margins because the dealer has got a smaller turnover that he cannot manage it profitably.


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