The Bhartiya Janata Party today said that non-availability of land donors for the Member of Parliament Local Area Developmental funds (MPLAD) projects has compelled parliamentarians to depend on religious institutions.
North Goa MP Shripad Naik at a press briefing today told reporters that religious institutions like temples and churches were making lands available for MPLAD projects without any difficulty.
“Funds are not used for religious purpose but we are forced to secure their lands to construct community halls,” Naik who is a member of MPLAD committee of the Centre said.  Naik is back after participating in the recently concluded Lok Sabha at Delhi where he raised several issues neglected by the government.
The MP stated that religious institutions or communidades are the only option left with the MPs to seek donated lands here. “The Centre has said that funds under MPLAD scheme are not supposed to be used for religious purpose. Under this scheme, a donated land is a must as one cannot use funds for acquiring lands,” he said.
He lamented that carelessness on the part of the district administration officials resulted in freezing funds coming from the Centre. He further said, “We have still not received Rs 1 crore (of the total two-crores) from the last financial year, as the Collectorate has failed to furnish audited accounts…according to a national magazine, North Goa constituency is on 31st position for best use of MPLAD funds.”


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