Valpoi is a town famous for its great heritage since the ancient times. All the festivals are celebrated with great pomp. The Hindus of Valpoi are very particular about all the festivals.
 Be they Hindu, Catholic or Muslim festivals. During the Good Friday, or the Maundy Thursday the Hindus wait for the procession of the Catholics that pass through the Town centre to adore the Blessed Mother and Jesus. They bring in flower garlands, candles and place them at the feet of Jesus as the procession passes along the main road back to the Church.
Today is their feast of Ganesh Chathurti, which is celebrated with great pomp. Amidst all the fireworks there is much enthusiasm among the Hindus for this festival. I remember that I used to be invited almost to every home. A special invitation was ready for me on this great occasion as far as Yedorem, Nagargao etc. My tummy used to be full eating the “CHONNEACHO ROS” on this occasion.
Above all this one thing and one name comes to my mind, the making of the Ganesh idols. These were made at the house of the VELINGKARS. I used to watch with great interest Uday Velingkar making the idols and painting them with the proper colours. Uday who is also my friend used to show me the great work he was doing with the idols. I have seen the idols being made from scratch till the end product.
It was indeed a pleasure and a very keen interest to see the idols being prepared for sale. Being out of Goa, I miss this fun a lot. I wish a very happy Ganesh Chathurti to all the Hindus of Valpoi and pray for the unity that we have there as Goans.


diogofichardo said...

Goa has a rich cultural tradition, Goan Hindus have kept their part of the tradition alive and much stronger. While our Catholics tradition seems to be changing towards the western world. In my village we have a Hindu family who have kept not only the Hindu tradition alive but also thrives to help keep the Catholic tradition alive. God bless the Hindu festival and I wish them the best.

Marcel pereira said...

Happy Ganesh Festival for all the Nizgoenkars abroad and in Goa. Let there be love and peace in our beautiful land. Our land belongs to Goans only and our brethern who are settled abroad.This land is of Nizgoenkars! Long live Goa and the sprit of Ganesh Festival!

Unknown said...

Menino, you can only sit there in UK and water your mouth remembering the festivities, sweets and neureos in particular back home. The people there will miss you too.

Tom Fernasdes said...

wish you happy ganesh festival

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