First it was Monserrate, the education minister, now it is the PWD minister who has been hit by the social networking bug, Facebook comes up with it’s version of Churchill and that leads to a complaint by Alemao at the Colva Police Station.
PA Fredrick Borges gave in a written complaint at the Colva police station that someone unknown has opened an account on social networking site Orkut uploading wrong (Really wrong?) information and false profile of Churchill Alemao the current PWD minister concerning his political and social life.
Borges maintained that the information is not only false but maligns the image of PWD minister and called for necessary action on a priority basis. Sources in the know said that information relating to Alemao’s political rivals was also uploaded on the site. It is learnt that Alemao’s account on the Facebook was reportedly spotted by his children, and after inquiry, it became clear that the PWD minister has not opened any account on the social networking site. The matter was immediately taken up with the Superintendent of Police, South, Allan De Sa, following which a complaint was lodged with the Colva police on late Saturday night.
When contacted, Sub-Divisional Police Officer, Margao DySP Umesh Gaonkar said the Colva police have registered a case against unknown persons for impersonation on the net under the Information Technology Act 2005. The Colva police are probing. The Panjim police are believed to have written to Facebook asking for all details of the person, who created and operated the social networking account in the name of the education minister.


diogofichardo said...

Who would really want to impersonate these Guys. It could be disgruntled costumer or a letdown electorate.

Sandesh Gaonkar said...

These are the creations of these dumb nitwits themselves. They get somebody to do that and then create hullabulloo. These idiots think that all the Goans are fools like them.

Trevor said...

I am interested to see what is on these sites....and enjoy a laugh for a change. They deserve this and more for all their LOOTING....all crooks! Has anyone looked at these sites? Please let us know what is on them...we need a laugh! These dogs don't deserve better!

Unknown said...

Our father in heaven, holy be thy name, thy kingdom come, thy will be done,on earth as it is in heaven..... Pray for this man Chorchill so that he know what does it mean to get hurt when others hurt him. How about him hurting everyone, everyday? Also pray that he or his family don't get elected in the next elections to come. Beware, he will pour Crores, illgotten from Public Washing Department, do not fall prey to his bait.

Bebdo said...

Mogal Niz Goenkarano
It is high time that we take our movement to its logical next step. For quite some time now, we have been ranting and raving on this forum – and earlier on Oheraldo. There are many Goans who are ready to fight to save the culture, rich heritage and history of our small state. Unfortunately, they are not organized. Even if someone wants to be an activist for the Goan cause, the fear of the goondas, police and the politicians forces that person to keep his/her opinion to him/herself. To such people, I say, fear not for the day of liberating Goa a second time is not far away. I humbly appeal to them to join in the thousands as a united force of Goenkars. There are many examples in the world when people’s power has overthrown the worst type of corrupt and dictatorial regimes. It started in France, when the monarchy was overthrown. It was replicated in the Philippines, Ukraine, Russia, Romania and many other countries. When the masses rise, the powerful politicians tremble. So rise my Goan brothers and sisters and join in our movement to clean Goa once and for all.
The first step is to inform all your relatives and friends about this Niz Goenkar site. The internet is a powerful medium through which we can unite all our Goans spread all over the world. Forward the link of this site to at least 10 people. Let the traffic to this site increase in the thousands.
Secondly, create an awareness about the need to oust this 40 chors and all the parties that have looted and destroyed Goa since “liberation”.
Thirdly, tell your children --- whether you are living in Goa or abroad --- about the unique culture and identity of Goa and Goans. And how we are different from other Indians.
Fourthly, Please boycott all politicians and their sycophants. Don’t invite them for any function, be it public or personal.
Fifth, Don’t sell your properties to non-Goans. And even if you are planning to sell it to a Goan, find out if that person is a front for the non-Goan builders. If that is the case then refrain from dealing with such people.
We, including me, is ready to take the lead. Our members should be those who would always abide by the party ideology. We don’t want opportunists and wannbe looters in the guise of politicians and social workers. We don’t want party hoppers either. We want only Goans, mostly educated Goans, who would be able to work tirelessly for the benefit of Goa and Goans.

Shyam Sawant said...

From the comments above I think Bebdo is a very brave and intelligent Niz Goenkar. As a niz Goenkar you have come out with most daring and honest comments and have been fighting for Goa. Yes there was a time when you were just writing opposite which I presume was to fool the politicians. Your wrtiting now indicate that you are a true son of Goa and I am proud of you now. Keep it up! Let us all unite and fight for a cleaner and european type of Goa but only for the Goans.

Unknown said...

Bebdea, I appreciate your thoughts and comments. The first and utmost thing is to publicize this site and reach it to every nook and corner of Goa as a piece of education on these Challis Chors of Goa. I hope we can try to make this site a bold one with as much readership as possible, with bold voice. i am sure menino will not succumb to the voice of politicians and police in general. Let us practice your FIRST STEP first. For me, this site is better than Herald as the brave comments without vulgarity are seen here. Herald was hijacked by the politicians as their deeds were visible in writing. NIZ GOENKAR will live longer as the politicians won't be able to influence the opinion of Niz Goenkars. Let other options be followed one after another. Let us send the link of this site to every Goenkar and also ask them to post articles in the best interest of Goans. Our slogan be "Never vote the last fellow or his/her family member". I wish this comes a a daily publication in Goa.

Joe Rebello said...

This is being done by them only to fool the people of Goa. But smuggler Alemao, goonda Monserrate and rapist Pacheco should know that they cannot take Goans for a ride any longer. We know what is hidden underneath the "PANUTLO"

Bebdo said...

@ Dalia....Thank you very much. As a part of the team fighting for Goa,your first protest should be to stop the subscription of Herald (if your are a Herald subscriber, which I assume). Tell the guys in Herald the reason for cancelling the subscription. Tell your other friends too who subscribe to Herald. Mog asundi.

Bebdo said...

ha ha ha, lol. Can't help laughing because this is what I found on facebook account of Churchill Braz Alemao

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Churchill Braz Alemao (born 16 May 1949) is a member of the 14th Lok Sabha of India. He represents the Mormugao constituency of Goa and is a member of the Indian National Congress.

He is currently leading the investigation of the molestation of a Spice Jet airhostess, supposedly by a football player named Odafa Okalie.

Menino Franco said...

Dear Goan readers,

The time oheraldo has suspended posting of the comments, I was just shuttered and distrusted to post any comments hereafter on any blog. Because I had my reasons to believe that what every we do by beating on the keyboards will never reach the masses. See we are just a few here who are giving our best to do something for the betterment of Goa, while others try to disturbed us in what we are doing by way of abusing or by posting objectionable language. But today comments by Bebdo beautifully expressed by him has made me log on this site once again to keep up the spirit of Niz Goankar. We should thank Menino for giving us this opportunity to post our comments freely. On the subject, at some points I truly support the believes realized by Bebdo but to what extend we can proceed with his thinking. We are just a small fish in front of these heavy and powerful sharks, and we hardly can come near to them else we get crushed or get swallowed wholly by them. I was just surfing the last page of herald online edition and see what the people of Colva are doing they have invited the MICKEY MOUSE to be the Chief Guest for the Anti Plastic Drive. When will the people of Salcette learn their lessons. Whatever amount of seeds we sow, finally we are not going to get any results.Viva Goa. - Franco

Ratol Baba said...

Dear All, do not be depressed by the sight of a few people surviving on political crumbs. These crumbs are jst crumbs and will never satisfy the appetite of these eaters. These people have no other job rather than inviting the worst persons to their side because they know that the good ones will not accept their invitation or are not on their side. Let us do what we can and open the eyes of such blind people. Do not think that by posting comments here goes a waste. I am in Goa and can feel the pulse of the people, the majority are just waiting for the next opportunity to bury these present set of politicians. Keep going and no turning back.

Bebdo said...

@ Menino Franco
Dear Menino Franco,don't underestimate your strength by saying that we are small fish and would be swallowed by the big sharks. Are you not a human being? Don't you have inner strength? You maybe poor, but you are rich in your morals, ideology and principles. When Mahatma Gandhi took on the invincible British empire he was a very, very small fry. When Hitler--- literally a beggar without even a home--- founded the Nazi power, no one even gave him a chance. When Martin Luther King Jr started his civil liberties movement in America, no one knew who he was. History is full of such examples. What is required is the will power to succeed, not money and muscle power. Money comes and money goes, but an ideology remains forever. If you have set your mind on supporting our Goan cause, don't take a step behind. We are there for you as you are there for us.And please, let me tell you something, money doesn't buy you either love or happiness. So in the next elections, don't accept any gifts from anyone and keep supporting Niz Goenkars.
Mog asudi
Viva Goa, Viva Goenkar, Long Live Goan Unity

Rolito Fernandes said...

I fully support Bebdo and it is his good idea to join like minded people together and even form a party. Everyone shouod be responsible for this party and the manifesto should be clear...No second term for the elected representative be it at Panchayat level or MP level. Anyone there?

Bebdo said...

Bebdo said...
Why not form a party and name it as Niz Goenkaracho Poxx.Whoever wants to be a member should make a monthly contribution to the party.It can be in any amount. Even a rupee will do. But this gesture will go a long way, as the member will feel feel the sense of belonging and will be proud to say that it is his party. We can then nominate good and educated people from each constituency as candidates and with our contribution can support their election campaign. We should not pay a single rupee to any voter. Whatever votes we poll we will know that those are genuine votes for our party and then we can build it up from there. We are different and should be different. There is no shame even if we get 2 votes in the elections. If we die without fighting, then we are cowards. A coward dies even before the battle begins.
Viva Goa, Viva Goenkar. Long Live Goan Unity

James Fernandes said...

There are two ways to remain in public eye. One by doing good work; the second, by doing something controversial or saying something controversial.

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