Migrant problem by Manuel D’Costa, Raia
This refers to the letter by Flavia Sequeira (Herald 21 Sept). I think Flavia is unaware of the migrant problem in our state. Greedy mamlatdars have already given them the ration card and electoral identification for money, identifying them as citizens. They dominate and threaten Goans.  If this is the case, then Goans will soon be kicked out and migrants will rule Goa.
Churchill’s exploits by Glestone Fernandes, Cuncolim
Churchill Alemao’s stand in support of the merger of Konkani speaking areas to Goa in view of the “scarcity of land resources in Goa” and the need to expand Goa’s boundaries would only benefit his futuristic plan after he is done with the selling of land in Goa.
Goans have been exploited by the likes of Churchill by acquiring land of our forefathers for mega projects and polluting factories, populated with migrants whom he terms as “the rapidly growing population of Goa”.
Goa will soon be a land scarce of Goans. our culture and the heritage of our forefathers that we were once proud of. The people who patronise the likes of Churchill and his ideologies can lend him a helping hand to speed up the process of dismantling Goa’s identity by electing a few more look-alikes to power.
Navy’s ploy by Vincent Rego
A recent newspaper report said that the Navy is asking for ownership of three islands off the coast of Mormugao. Why is the elected Government so mute and dumb to this proposal? Goa has already donated Anjadiva island to build the prestigious Sea Bird project. Goa, being a tiny state, cannot afford to lose the remaining islands in the name of security. Navy should vacate Dabolim, and Mopa should be opposed.
It is not difficult to persuade the Central Government in this matter. Are the MLAs too busy in looting? Goans should elect new faces in the next general election. We need men and women of integrity who care for Goa’s well being and not corrupt MLAs. Vote bank politics has been the bane of our beautiful Goa.


Dalia said...

Chorchill should know what a disaster he brought on us Goans by his Konkan Railwy project and now the MOPA airport will spell doom on Salcette population. At the moment, any person from Canacona needs about 2 hours to reach dabolim. The roads and traffic is a situation where you can't fly over. Chorchill is looking after his political interests.

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