EARLY ASSEMBLY POLLS? by Adv. Aires Rodrigues, Ribandar

With so many politicians seen doling out bags containing goodies this Ganesh Chaturthi, it may be a sign that Goa is gearing up for early assembly polls which otherwise are scheduled for May 2012. In the run up to the elections the people will make the best of the bonaza. The voters of Nuvem, Benaulim, Navelim, Porvorim and Mayem amongst other constituencies may see some very good times.
Goa will now see lots of buses departing on political sponsored pilgrimages to Shirdi, Tirupati and Vailankanni. There will be a spurt in sports tournaments sponsored by prospective candidates. Candidates will also be moving around wooing the voters with a list of household appliances. This year we will witness a lot of Narkasurs and Christmas tree festivities. All festivals till the assembly elections will be celebrated with added pomp and gaiety. As usual at all times there will also be no dearth of xacuti and biryani. The PWD taps may run dry but liquor will flow. But please watch out for the spurious stuff. The politicians care a damn if the Aam Aadmi dies as long as they win to live on or live to win?
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Dalia said...

An suddenly, Gandhiji will be in everyone's pockets, I mean to say in the pockets of the crumb eaters, to eat and feed others. Crumb eaters will become active like shit trucks to dump the common man into the drain. Bars in Goa always does good business at this season. Suddenly, Youth Clubs and Organisations will mushroom up from NO WHERE to NOW HERE for a while. Election Season is here to stay. Make hay while the sun shines.

Bebdo said...

This is a tragedy of Goa and Goans. It really saddens me to see how some of our youth try to cash in on during election time. They are not ashamed to go to the politicians doors asking for donations. Even small clubs and associations demand in lakhs to support the candidate. The tragedy is Goan constituencies are small and most of the voters are crumb eaters of the politicians. As such, illiterate politicians with muscle and money power are ruling us.
The worse thing is the majority of the people who really feel for Goa are the silent majority. They don't vote, and they don't voice their opinion publicly out of fear of the goons. This silent majority should wake up now and form a cadre based party of the Goans, by the Goans and for the Goans.
Only a Cadre based Goan party can save Goa.
Viva Goa, Viva Goenkar. Goa for Goans.

N.Fernandes (London) said...

I have recently read that the Election /electoral Commission of India have issued a directive that they will be monitoring all Election Expenses by Canditates.How this will work in practice is yet to be seen.The problem which I have is when Canditates start giving finiancia and material inducements much prior to the elections to secure their vote banks.This then will allow them to contest the elections without breaking or conforming to the election rules during the Elections.So shouldnt this rule also before and not just during the Elections only?
Mickky Pacheco has already shifted (laundered) $2 million from the USA.I am sure this is not for the purpose of buying a "BANDANA".Alemao has already made a pilgrimage to Valiankani.I am sure this is not for him to lose some weight.As for BAbush Monseratte...he must be finding a new University Degree to complement his fake one.I am quite sure Ravi & Roy will dish out some Hashish and Ganja to their vote banks so that they feel they have been elevated to a higher form of "life" & "KARMA".Well guys who are reading this...as soon as you know the price of Chicken and Rice and Booze has gone up...remember it is for the Biriyanis and Xacuti and appetisers.

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