MARGAO: In a shocking incident, a 32-year old widow has complained of gang rape by a group of six persons at Betul Saturday night.  The woman, who made her appearance at the Cuncolim police station on Sunday evening, was later referred to medical examination. It is learnt that the woman was subjected to medical examination and the police were awaiting medical report for further investigations.
Police sources informed that the woman has complained to the police that she was given a lift by a known person, whose name was provided as Sunil. Instead of dropping her at her residence at Molorem-Cabo de Rama, she was taken to Betul by force in a room and allegedly raped. Her trauma and ordeal did not end, as five other persons effected entry into the room and allegedly raped her. The accused are believed to have fled from the scene of offense, leaving the woman to take shelter in the house of a woman. Today, she narrated the incident to her brother, after which the brother intimated the police of the gory incident.
The woman, who has been eking a living by working as a domestic help, has given the name of three persons to the police. Later in the evening, police detained two and are on the look out for the other accused.
The police are investigating whether the accused, who had given a lift to the woman, had called the other accused persons to commit the offense. The police are investigating.
Meanwhile, the Cuncolim police has registered a case of kidnapping in connection with the missing girl from Cuncolim. Police said the girl (15) and an 18-year old boy from Calconda had gone missing over a fortnight ago. The police have registered a case of kidnapping against the boy. The police are investigating


Silvestor Bethalbatim said...

  We are not only catching up with Delhi, but we are over taking it as far as vicious sexual crimes are committed. 

N.Fernandes-London said...

They are probably following the exapmles of Goa Police.
Senior Goa Police officers are all sexual predators and fornicators.
The hero or Heroes of these Rapists & Gang Bang criminals must be Jivba Dalvi & Chandrakant Salgaonkar.
Do not forget to inclute Mickky Pacheco & Babush Monseratte,Rohit Minseratte,Warren Alemao,Viswajit Rane & Shamba Sawant in this  mix of criminals. 

Neville said...

Whats the difference between the police & these rapists? The police use their official clout, they should be arrested first.

Cyrusmasca said...

Now action will be taken against rapist by rapist itself. First they need to arrest all the political leaders and thier son and then police officer. Rules are made for poeple and not for politican and higher ups......
We need ot pratice rule of saudi arabia. eye for eye and hand for hand. then only crime will decrease.

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