WHEN WILL THE CCP GET ITS ACT TOGETHER? by Adv. Aires Rodrigues, Ribandar

The Corporation of City of Panaji Act provides for the nomination of five Corporators having special knowledge or experience in municipal administration, engineering, architecture, heritage etc. It was definitely not the intent of the Act to load the CCP with political stooges but to have aboard, people with expertise to contribute to the welfare and betterment of the City.
Mrs. Patricia Pinto has rightly been co-opted to help ease the city’s garbage crisis. To fill the other fours slots the CCP could first seek the help of a knowledgeable Town planner. The second nomination could be someone who could contribute with plans for easing the current chaotic traffic and parking woes.
A person with knowledge of horticulture could also be taken aboard to upgrade the city’s parks, gardens and ensure an increase in Panaji’s green cover. The fourth person who could be nominated is someone who would find a solution to the alarming stray dog menace and also enhance the city’s sanitation while curbing the increasing health hazards. If the CCP Act had provided for a sixth nomination it would definitely have to be a retired detective with expertise in criminal investigation who could monitor and curb the corruption at the CCP.


Joaquim Correia Afonso said...

Apparently, the political stooges have the special knowledge and experience in engineering .....

Romulus102 said...

An IITian is the MLA of Panjim and yet I have hardly seen any innovative solutions to the problems in Panjim.Not that panjim is lacking people who are capable of doing good and coming up with viable solutions, just the the wrong people are in the wrong place. The elected corporators should show some humility and invite these people and hear them out. but thats just me hoping.Years ago, a researcher at bombay university had explained to me the reasons for extensive flooding of panjim in monsoons. This knowledge is out in the open ever since yet the authorities are sitting on it, rather than acting on it.

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