VASCO: The villagers of Arossim and Cansaulim under the banner of Cansaulim-Arossim-Cuelim-Velsao Villagers Forum, on Wednesday, demanded immediate dismissal of the then Verna PI, Jivba Dalvi and police sub-inspector, Mr Sushant Gawas from the services for the dereliction of duty.
They also sought dismissal of Dr Poojari, who had conducted the first autopsy on the deceased Melvyn Gomes, for misguiding the people and the government authorities over the cause of the death.  Body of Melvyn Gomes was found in a mysterious condition near a water tank at a construction of site of a hotel based at Utorda. The villagers have also demanded the arrest of hotel officials.
Since the police department has failed to take action against some of the police officials and the doctor attached to Hospicio Hospital, Margao, within 72 hours of handing over a representation to the inspector general of police, Ms S Sundari Nanda, the agitated villagers decided to intensify their agitation, on Wednesday.
Now, the villagers have given a 7-day deadline to the director general of police, Dr Aditya Arya to act against the police officials, doctor and the hotel management.
As part of their agitation, the villagers blocked the road leading to prominent hotels like Park Hyatt and Heritage Village Club at Arossim early Wednesday morning by using logs of coconut trees, stones and traffic barricades, affecting the flow of vehicles entering and exiting from the hotels.
A coconut tree was cut at Arossim; the tree while being cut collapsed on a high tension overhead wires and consequently damaged a cross on the chapel.
Another coconut tree was also cut at Velsao; as the tree fell on the ground it damaged an electricity pole and snapped high tension overhead wires. The power supply to the villages from Velsao to Arossim was disrupted for the whole of the day.
A massive rally was organised, which began from Arossim and moved to Cansaulim. Thousands of people, including women in large numbers, participated in the rally. As a part of the protest, the villagers of Velsao, Cansaulim, Arossim observed bandh, which disrupted the transport, and business activity.
About 250 personnel of Goa police and Rapid Action Force of Central Reserve Police Force were deputed at various spots in Arossim and Cansaulim to prevent any untoward incident.
The deputy superintendent of police, Vasco, Mr Mahesh Gaonkar, Verna PI, Mr Rajan Nigalye, Vasco PI, Mr Braz Menezes and Mormugao PI, Mr Rahul Parab along with Mormugao mamlatdar, Mr Rajesh Ajgaonkar were camping.
A protest meeting was held at Cansaulim which was attended by former Tourism Minister and Benaulim MLA, Mr Francisco alias Mickky Pacheco, Mr Lyndon Monteiro, zilla panchayat, member, Ms Nelly Rodrigues, Fr Eremito Rebello, Fr Kevin Rodrigues, Fr Freddy, the wife of the deceased, Ms Reiza Gomes, Cansaulim-Arossim-Cuelim sarpanch, Mr Minguel D’Costa, Ms Maria Sequeira, Dr Marconi, Majorda sarpanch, Ms Visitation D’Silva, Ms Sara Gonsalves, Mr Simon Gomes, Mr Minguel and others.
While addressing the villagers, Mr Pacheco said that the police officials should conduct fair investigation into the death of Melvyn Gomes and demanded that the police officials who have neglected their duties at the time of the investigation should be immediately dismissed.
Fr Eremito Rebello alleged that the police department has miserably failed to investigate the case thoroughly. He also demanded that the police officials, doctor and hotel officials should be arrested.
Dr Marconi alleged that Melvyn could have died due to the torture meted out by the hotel management. Fr Kevin Rodrigues called upon the villagers not to politicise the issue of Melvyn’s death.  "It is a joint movement of the people launched to seek justice for the Melvyn’s family members," he added.
On behalf of the protesters, Mr Pacheco requested the police officials at the site to call in director general of police, Dr Aditya Arya in order to seek explanation from him over the investigation of Melvyn’s death, as the time given by the villagers through a representation had lapsed.
Mr Pacheco then talked to Dr Arya, on his mobile, but he refused to come down to Cansaulim and called the agitators to his office in the evening. This resulted in commotion, but then the agitators finally agreed to visit the office of the DGP in Panjim. – NT


renoir said...

When the very system that has been put in place to ensure the safety and welfare of a citizen has failed in every aspect of it, the people are left with no choice but to revolt. The Police departments and the Governments attitude towards a human life and its welfare is deplorable.The police officers including the Dr who also  appears to be hand in gloves in the cover up  of Melywns death should be dealt with the most severest hand of the law. ( Give them to the public for  justice) To the people of cansaulim and the neighbouring villages let this be the begining of our fight for justice against the ruthless,criminal men in uniform and the government machinery which has long  denied to many   souls who have left this earth without due justice given towards the cause of their death. God Bless the priest and the Villagers of Cansaulim and the neighbouring villages for this relentless fight for justice not just for Melvyn & his family, but for each one of us indiviually.

Vicente E. Do Rego said...

Last time agitators met DGP in his Office, any action taken on murders so far? Nothing and this time also nothing will happen the case will drag on and on. As renoir said, when law system fails, people take the law in their own hand and this time exactly the same thing will happen and should take place. People have lost faith in Govt. machinery and the land of the law. The day is not far, when peace will be lost forever and revolt will began as people have no other choice. This vote bank politics has ruined the Goa and it's people.

N.Fernandes-London said...

well said Renoir.

It is heartening to see "PEOPLES POWER" fight  an INJUSTICE and demand the sacking of the corrupt Policeman.
It will be a shameand a breach of ethics, if Dr Poojari has acted  and for his personal benefit Finiancial) & that, of the Police and Builders.It is now commonplace in Goa.

Well done, to the residents and villagers of Utorda,Cansaulim,Cuelim & Velsao .
we pray that justice will be seen to be done.

John said...

this doctor who is a police surgeon should be the first person to be hanged in public for misguiding the public of so many murders that have taken place. it is for all to see that this same doctor conducted the autopsy on body of Domnic coutinho of canacona exacty three years back , details of which are on website how  this doctor is allowed to continue doing faulty autopsy reports in this computer age is questionable and it seems that most of the goans are taken for a ride.
 a faulty autopsy is the first step to murder coverup and hence this doctor Avinash pujari has to be put behind bars and interrogated as to why he is doing this crime or else the day will not be far when this doctor will have his own near and dear dead body/bodies on the autopsy table. 

Silvestor Bethalbatim said...

Great if few GOAN villages can unite against one corrupt police officer, Imagine what can be achieved if all the Villages get together. Even the corrupt ministers will be given a run for their criminal behaviour. 

Shyam Sawant said...

It is high time that these Police man go.  Pests like Chandrakant Salgaonkar, Jivba Dalvi should be hanged to a tree in the public.  We have another dirty lady in the Police Sunita Sawant who too should be sacked immediately.  Shamba Sawant the latest to be added to the list of the police who are molestors.

D.JUSTIN said...

The rogue politicians and the chor police are the main culprits for the present mess in Goa.The Judiciary on the other hand are also to be blamed  as all these three , ploice,politicians and judiciary works in tandem. The common man will never get justice under the present situstion. Goa needs the real fighters like Maosists to fight for the cause. We see people on the street every now and then but still they didn't taste the justice. Justice is  only a mirage for the Goans under the present situation.

Diogo Fichardo said...

Every corrupt police personal and politician must be forced out of office doing this will clean the Image of Goan Police and Politicians. 
VILLAGERS OF ARROSIM-CANSAULIM-CUELIM-VELSAO Keep the pressure up. Let us start cleaning Goa from the south to the north. If there are any clean police and politicians please join the fight.

Advogad Maciel said...

That wolf in sheep's clothing Mauvin Godinho Chor MLA must have instigated some anti social elements to infiltrate in the united villagers ranks  and financed the electric saw to cut down 30 coconut trees this tree cutting should have been stopped.

The villagers of ARROSIM -CANSAULIM- CUELIM- VELSAO - UTORDA -MAJORDA should beware of this snake in the grass Goooodinho he has an established link and nexus with PI Jivba Dalvi. Chor Gooooodinho will go to any extent to sabotage this unity of the villagers he only interest is to make money for himself and his family. Down with the Chor MLA.

Mario said...

People of cansaulim and other villages have every right to protest against wrongly police investigation and are right in their demand to dismiiss criminal mafia Jivbha Dalvi from police force.But what the coconut trees which they choped like animals have to do with Melvyn.This act of some agitators is totally wrong and all those who cut those cocunut trees carelessly and without any regards to other properties who have nothing to do with Melvyn death should arrest and punish.Even if Aditya Arya use service of best investigation officer/detective service the truth will never come out as the rogue cop Jivbha have destroyed every evidence systhamathicaly to true nature of criminal.

N.Fernandes-London said...

These guys are why I call the unholy Trinity.Mauvin Gidinha,Jivba |dalvi and Aboo Bakr Shaik.
Their main interest lies in Real Estate.
Out of State, Real Estate Investors have to deal with these unscrupulous idiots.
They all have made money off the back of corruption and corrupt practices.

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