USELESS SECURITY ALERTS BY GOA POLICE by Willie Menino Severes, Majorda (Dubai)

In view of the unfortunate and sad Mumbai serial blasts that occurred on Wednesday, Goa has been put on terror alert, informed the Superintendent of Police, Special branch, Mr Atmaram Deshpande.He said that an alert has been sounded at all border check posts, coastal police stations and other vital installations as a precautionary and security measure.
This is a common scenario that happens in Goa whenever there are bomb blasts in Mumbai and other parts of the country. The home ministry seems to wake from a deep sleep to ensure high level security during these times. But, what about other days? What about criminals who have already entered into the state and are entering on daily basis and the police are not even aware of it? What is the use of useless security alerts when are our "levtte" politicians are patronizing these criminals in the state for their selfish benefits?
With Goa as a major tourist destination, our efficient home ministry and police force should check on the rampage influx of criminals in the state, before Goa becomes the next Mumbai of the country.


renoir said...

Intelligence at its worst point in the whole of India , thats what the state of affairs is. The Government is more interested in its own agenda of holding on to power and looting the country if not we would not have seen so many  scandals in the news. The 2008 bombing doesnt seem to have taught the Government its lesson as even the lone survivor  Ajmal Kasab is still  alive kicking a normal life at the cost of the very tax payers money whom he slaughtered.He should have been history along time ago as he was clearly the criminal caught in the act of slaughtering innocent people. This only goes to show how serious the Govt is in tackling terrorism. It appears India is a haven for terrorist as there is no capital punishment in sight !

Joe Cocker said...

Ask the Police to monitor the Pathans, Arabs and Yeminis in Taleigao and Caranzalem first they are all in the Taliban de Taleigao backyard. The cops have to get their act right first they need to keep their house clean first they have too many corrupt personnel.Arhe Goenkars even in football or hockey match after two caution cards or yellow cards after that  the red card is served that is dismissal from the playing arena!! Why is this PI Dalvi not given the marching orders the simple red card dismiss him from service.If PSI Bhagats residence can be raided why is this PI Dalvi not subjected to a search and raid on his house one will see the ill gotten wealth.This PI Dalvi was in the process of bribing his way to become a DYSP of Goa Police !!!Good riddance to bad rubbish.. Dismiss PI Dalvi forthright no questions asked. .

Dalia said...

The police in Goa are busy in looking after themselves, their own promotions and in licking the boots of their political masters. Most of the constables and disgraced PI's like Jivba Dalal-vi are busy in collecting haftas or extorting money.

Afedupgoan said...

Its useless to mayhem the hapless people.
In fact the terrorists have a axe to grind against the other two P's Politicians and the Police
all one hundred billion Indians will help these terrorists if they target these Ps.
In fact in Mumbai about 17 people died.
Our politicians and the police are killing countless and protecting the criminals and are themselves criminals start targeting them and not the ordinary people


Dalia said...

Kudos to you for highlighting the criminal deaths in Goa by the police and politicians, in fact more thatn those killed in a single blast in Mumbai. RIP to the innocent souls. Hell to these P's.

Shubash Raikar Panjim said...

Gans face terror every day of their lives, From Bad traffic management and death in police custody. Politicans too are the biggest threat to Goans 

Gobor said...


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