TWO YOUNGSTERS DROWN AT CABO-DE-RAMA by Freddy Agnelo Fernandes, Dubai

As usual news papers bring us good, bad, ugly and shattering news and pictures. This case of drowning at Cabo-de-Rama is shattering indeed, what must be the state of the parents and the family members of the dead children ? My deepest sympathies and condolences to the parents and the loved ones.
This is the second instance of drowning during rainy season in the last two years, last year or year before three residents of Khola took a plunge into the rough sea while fishing on the north-western side of Cabo-de-Rama two were rescued by Navy helicopters, one died. So also in Canaguinim a few years ago a middle aged man lost his life saving four children from drowning. This present drowning took place on the south-eastern side of Cabo-de-Rama. There is no doubt that this entire area is very scenic and a very good fishing spot as well, especially during the rainy season but utmost care must be taken not to go too close to the sea. Even during the normal season the Rajbagh beach near Cabo-de-Rama is dangerous for swimming as more often than not it has very strong undercurrents and I say this from experience and not hearsay.
There were at least two articles of mine published in the news papers about the dangers of venturing into the sea at Cabo-de-Rama and Canaguinim especially during the rainy season. We the residents of that area know the sea well and hence even though most of us are good swimmers we seldom venture near the rocks but outsiders somehow think its safe and learn the truth the hard way. I am told that these children were there without the knowledge of the parents and they were taking photographs around the rocks when a huge wave forced three of them off the rock and into the sea, two drowned one saved, it is such a waste of valuable life.
I request all Goans who like the sea and want to have fun, be careful, it is only if you are alive that you can have fun, any visitors to Cabo-de-Rama and Canaguinim especially during the rainy season stay away from the sea, it can and has swallow life.


Diogo Fichardo said...

Although I have not been there I have been told Cabo-de Rama is a beautiful place.As Freddy said even during normal times the undercurrent can be dangerous,worse for children. So what chance do they stand during the monsoons? Few years ago in my village two young brothers lost their lives by drowning, the whole village was devastated. Sad part it is the parents  have to live with the devastating loss. Parents must Advise their children of dangers that lurk at these places. May their souls rest in peace.

Anonymous the VIII said...

That is not all the problem!!!
Those who survive also have more problems!!
Read here:

Goenkar said...

Yes anonymous the VIII or Iris. Now you act. and dont say that we are fighting the personal battle. You only bought up the point that they will suffer more. What is your use now. CAnt you protect them. Do something good and really people will acknoledge you.

Anonymous the VIII said...

Why don't you act?  You don't have a head? You don't have your two hands? Your two feet?
Oh.....OK! You don't have your two Balls!!

N.Fernandes-London said...

Goekar:I think you are being rather,personal, unfair and going off topic.
I believe the comment by Anonymous VIII is fair in the context of this topic.

If a Father & Mother lose a son or daughter who could be their future "bread-winner",you must surely expect they will have problems.

I also do not see the points you are trying to score, conencting Anonymous VIII to Iris (Airies).

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