PANJIM: Special Judicial Magistrate (SJM) Maria Mascarenhas has been provided with two armed lady police constables after her complaint to Director General of Police Aditya Arya of being threatened by a person on behalf of crime branch inspector Pravinkumar Vast.
The interesting part is that can the SJM trust the Police now? In the first place it was the Goa police personnel who threatened her and now the very same Goa police are protecting her. Rather strange!
Deputy Superintendent of Police Deu Benaulikar said that the constables provided to her would also keep a vigil at her Merces home during the nights.
A “robot” vehicle is constantly patrolling the vicinity, he added.
SJM Mascarenhas, who recorded the dying declaration of police driver Chandru Gawas had alleged threat to life by an unidentified person who came to her place late last Thursday night and threatened her to change the contents of the dying declaration.
She had put forth the grievance before the DGP who assured her of providing additional security to her. Sources said that of the two Indian Reserve Battalion lady constables, one who was withdrawn from her in the past, has been posted back after a security review meeting.


dlp said...

There is no way, the Goa Police will protector SJM even if they are lady officers. All these lady officers are cumcumbines of this Chandracunt.

renoir said...

SJM Maria Mascarenhas definetely needs protection., but from whom ? From the very family of scoundrels and criminals? Something not right here. The reason for this protection  is because she had the guts to stand for her proffesional values which she swore by to get the Title SJM.My  question is now , why doesnt the law and the very department whose personel issued the life threat be done away with or just be put behind bars to rot in peace till death does him apart. What a waste of Tax payers money ,this money should be deduted from The PI's funds as its because of his attitude and his criminal character that the SJM has to be given protection. Am I justified in my comments ?.

Diogo Fichardo said...

This reminds me of a Movie seen 25 years ago "Mera Avaz Suno". where politicians and Police chief refused to protect an honest Police Officer. SJM Maria Mascarenhas makes Goans proud by not giving into   threats of Gondas. No politician has yet made a statement of protecting Maria Mascarenhas or even criticized the three corrupt police officers in this case. This is our opportunity to voice ourselves in unity in support of Maria.

Usko Goenkar said...

I’m not sure if I have to laugh out loud or should I just shake my head in despair,
2 Ladies to protect her, wonder how much protection these Ladies can offer if 2 or 3 Man came to attack SJM Maria!
The very Department that sends out Threats and drove their own to commit Suicide, will also offer a hand to Protect! How Ironic!
Why are the Accused still on their Posts? So that they can wipe clean all their bad doings?
Hahahaha wanna laugh out loud at our Politician bab’s, this issue is not of grave importance, but the MOI is, they will shed their blood for the MOI issue, but Chicken out for Real Issues like these, where Goa needs them and for the very reason why they were given the posts for… Bravo… Bravo to you Goan Politicians of the soil….
Last but not the least, lets not make this be another “Cipriano Fernandes” case, his death seems to be in vain, lets not make Chandru Gawas’s Death in Vain, May their Souls Rest in Peace!    

renoir said...

How will any politician voice their concern on issues like this? Partners to the crime will always wash their hands away when one of their partners is cornered. I hope and pray that our readers can see this trend clearly. This clearly goes to prove that our politicians are concerned in issues way more then human values, they are more concerned on how to hold to power and find new means and techniques to loot and destroy this economy.

Joaquim Correia Afonso said...

Some of the "custodians" of the law should actually be "in custody". Unfortunately, the custodianship is in their custody.

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