VASCO: An elderly couple -- Mr Maximiano Paes (75) and Ms Ivone Filomena Paes (70) -- were gruesomely assaulted by suspected robbers leaving the wife dead and the husband seriously injured at Alto Dabolim.  The police have rounded up 15 labourers working at a nearby construction site in connection with the case.
The deputy superintendent of police, Vasco, Mr Mahesh Gaonkar said the elderly couple might have been assaulted in the wee hours of Thursday.  Neighbours and the Vasco police said the couple had been living alone in their bungalow ‘My Gem’, which is located near Gate Gourmet Hotel at Alto-Dabolim.
The incident came to light at around 1 p.m. on Thursday when couple’s maid, V Velliyamma, who has been working for the couple for the last 10 years, came for the work in the bungalow for the second time during the day. The maid had come to the bungalow earlier at 10 a.m. but when she called out for the couple nobody responded. She found a plastic bag containing milk packets and newspapers hanging to the entrance gate of the bungalow.
During her second visit, she again called out for the couple, but there was no response from the couple this time as well.
Sensing trouble, she raised an alarm and gathered neighbours, who also failed to reach out to the couple by shouts and phone calls. They found that the main door of the bungalow was not latched from inside and when they pushed it open they were aghast to see Ms Ivone Paes lying on the floor in a pool of blood. Both her hands were found in a twisted position.
The Vasco and Verna police station were informed of the incident. The policemen rushed to the bungalow and found the dead body of Ms Ivone Paes.
The police rescued Mr Maximiano Paes, who was unconscious and had been confined naked in a bathroom. He had been assaulted and had injuries on his head and face. The police rushed him to the SMRC Hospital at Chicalim. The police suspected that Mr Maximiano Paes might have been assaulted with some heavy object.
The elderly couple has three children, including a married daughter Ms Cassia Paes, who resides in Panjim. Their two sons are working outside the state. Mr George Paes is working in Bangalore and Mr Erwin Paes is working in Canada.
Couple’s daughter said that except a television set there were no valuables and money in the bungalow. It is understood that the culprits took advantage of loneliness of the elderly couple and broke into the bungalow through a window to rob them. Since they found nothing in cupboards and showcases, they ransacked the bungalow and later assaulted the couple.
Ms Cassia Paes said that she had been in touch with her parents on phone. On Thursday her brother Mr George Paes called up their parents from Bangalore at around at 10 a.m., but he could not get through them. So he intimated her and asked her to enquire about their parents through neighbours.  “I have intimated my brothers who are living in Bangalore and Canada about the incident and they are likely to arrive in Goa on Friday or Saturday,” she stated.
Mr Gaonkar said the motive behind the murder could be burglary. The assailants might have attacked the couple as they found no valuables in the bungalow.
He informed that the body has been sent for the postmortem to the Hospicio Hospital, Margao. The Verna police called for a dog squad and fingerprint expert team from Panjim to gain a breakthrough in the case.  The police would continue to round up the labourers who work at various sites in the vicinity of the bungalow, informed Mr Gaonkar.
An offence under sections 302 (murder) and section 307 (attempt to murder) of the Indian Penal Code have been registered against unknown culprits.
The superintendent of police, South Goa, Mr Allen D’Sa, Verna PI, Mr Rajan Nigalye, Vasco PI, Mr Braz Menezes and Marmugao PI, Mr Rahul Parab were camping at the bungalow. The Verna police are investigating the case.


renoir said...

We are leaving in a state where there is no law and order in exsistence.The very people who are appointed to maintain the law and order are totally  lawless themselves, for sure this is an advantage point to criminals who come in the guise of employmet, when in reality they come to carry out their criminal activities.
Casual labour is on the rise , thanks to the corrupt methoods by the real estate groups who bend every possible rule in the book in colobration with the politicians and police who enable them to hire and fire people without any background checks.A helpless person's life is gone today and this is totally attributable to very law and order prevailing in our backyard.How many more cases do we need , how many more cold blooded murders do we need to have our law and order in Place.The major part of the police force needs to be flushed out and persons with calibre and values only need be hired to run this department. I hope the Home department is making a note on this.
My heart goes out to the family who has lost their dear one and my  hope  is that the criminals are caught and dealt by the law of the public them the law of the land.

Diogo Fichardo said...

Thanks to the Invasion Of Goa we are left to bury our dead,not by natural causes but by Indian Introduced Violence. My the soul rest in peace.

David Leitao said...

This is the state of affairs in Goa our elderly are left at the mercy of these robbers and murderers the Police and the State Government are not functioning they are not doing their duty of maintaining law and order in Goa

All that talk of Goa being the most peaceful state in India is a hogwash trash !!!

The Chief Minister Diggu Kaka and the Home Minister Ravi Naik have failed once again the police are busy collecting matka hafta and kickbacks from drug deals and industries !!! Diggu Kaa may I ask you who is the Am Admi ????? Quit Kaka Quit Kaka Quit Ravi Naik !!!!

Enough is enough Diggu Kaka and Ravi Naik you better quit  you have failed in protecting the old and the infirm Goans we have had enough of your bullshit !!! Ravi Naik rope in the Police !!! how many more murders you Congress donkeys do things in Goa have to get far worse before we see the light !!!

Sincerely beg of God to grant eternal peace to the Soul of the deceased and pary that the culprits are brought to justice !!!

God save Goa and law abiding Goans !!!

N.Fernandes-London said...

Very sad an shocking case indeed, on a frail & elderly couple .
This murder has undoubtedly, been committed by Migrants.
These migrants must be in the employment of Mauvin Godinho & his various Business associates and projects coming up around the area.
Lets hope they are quickly apprehended.


dlp said...

Just because Goans were a Peace loving people and the whole world knew them as Goans, and not Indians, the jealousy of Nehru knew no bounds so he invaded Goa to create terrorism amongst Goans and make them also part of the dirty India.

Gobor said...


Anonymous the VIII said...

This is what we ourselves have brought on to us. Goans should realise that if in a family the children have grown up and are working elsewhere leaving their old parents alone, they should not keep them in fancy bungalows and flats.You make your choice.
You want to see your parents live safely or you want to show off to the rest of your neighbours and relatives that you have now become wealthy?
Keep them in their original house; but give them all the facilities. DO NOT make show; it will always have bad effects.

Gurudas Lotlikar Margao said...

Mugrants can roam freely in Goa but not Goans, Goans are caught and robbed and battered to death by the Goan police.

Usko Goenkar said...

this is very sad... the amount of Migrants in Vasco makes me feel Vasco is no longer a part of our Goa... i hope once Mr. Maximiano Paes comes around, he can help identify the culprits... may his wife's soul rest in peace, these incidents will keep happening, thanks to our Politicians and dirty cops

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