PANJIM: The transport department has sent a proposal to the state government seeking 15 per cent or 2 hikes in bus fares. The department has cited rise in input costs to seek the proposed hike, officials informed on Wednesday.
The last time bus fares were hiked in July 2010 and the diesel price then was ` 38.53. That hike too was of ` 2.  "We have sent the proposal to the government today that the fares be hiked by 15 per cent. The proposed hike is due to an increase in input costs. The costs of spares and tyres have increased by around 20 per cent," the transport director, Mr Arun Dessai told media, justifying the fare hike.
He, however, said the department would continue on its drive to enforce the provisions of the Motor Vehicle Act and instill some discipline on road users. – NT


Gobor said...

Poor Tamankar, he has to take care of so many hungry mouths, the RTO for passing unfit buses, alloting Timings and routes and non issuing of  tickets.. Then the traffic police for letting the buses crawl in the cities and making stops anywhere they please and overloading.  And all these must have gone higher becasue the cops can't take money directly for fear of hidden camera. So they have now appointed middlemen who surely would deserve a cut. So their problems are numerous.
Oh, I almost forgot by the way there is also increase in the price of fuel, the reason for you and I to accept the increase in fares

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