PANJIM: The police department suspended Police Inspector Jivba Dalvi and Police Sub Inspector Shushant Gawas for serious lapses in handing the foul play death of 29-year-old Melvyn Gomes.  Dalvi who was transferred to the PHQ following the uprising by the locals and was instrumental in disposing off the evidence surrounding the mysterious death of Melvyn under mysterious circumstances.
Dalvi personally went to the scene of offence and made sure that there was no evidence left that would lead to the murderers.
Gawas, who was also on the scene offence with Dalvi in his incriminating and criminal act of disappearing the evidence has also been placed under suspension pending departmental enquiry.
Arrosim residents have been demanding Dalvi’s dismissal for his complicity in handling the case by ignoring glaring evidences that showed Gomes was murdered including serious injuries on his body.
The residents backed by Benaulim legislator Francisco Pacheco had threatened to agitate if the police department failed to book culprits. They have even met the Director General of Police Aditya Arya to dismiss the PI for attempting to hush up the case.
It has also been rumoured that Dalvi has been given about 5 lakh to dispose off the evidence and to term the case as an accidental drowning or and U.D.  Gomes, a supervisor working at an under construction site at Arrosim was found dead under mysterious circumstances in an open septic tank on June 15.


Anand Desai Mopa said...

Although I would have expected these two police persons to be sacked, suspension is just a small step towards justice. Such police officers should be in prison and all assets seized by the courts and handed to the state coffers. The builders should not be allowed to conduct his business on Goan Soil.

renoir said...

This is just the Tip of the iceberg. A further thorough investigation needs to conducted against these Police Officers.So many cases in the past have gone under the carpet and this case of the Arrosim youth Melvyn too would have met the same faith if not for the alert Villagers. The department should hold these police officers equally responsible for the death as they have in every possible way tried to cover the murder................Which they failed to do. They are as good as murderers and have to pay the price for their act. To the people of Arossim, keep the fight going . Melvyns death should be an eye opener for all of us on how the Men in Khaki operate.

Silvestor Bethalbatim said...

Goan Police have turned out to be the worst sums of this earth. when will we Goans say enough is enough? The politicians are no help either they two are the most corrupt on this earth.

Oliver Masky said...

We have to give credit where credit is due, Benaulim residents backed by Pacheco have kept up the pressure to get the culprits booked. Can we make this a new beginning to fight against corrupt police? and politicians?

Gobor said...

Not just Dalvi but all the police officers who have covered up murders will have blood on their families and posterity will see their families  perish from the curses of the those victims. 

This is what every religion have told us.

David Leitao said...

Why all this Hungama ???? PI Dalvi is suspended

But why till now are the culprits not brought to book what about the nurderers in the Late Ivonne Paes case at Dabolim.

So called Upright cops like Mahesh Gaokar, Umesh Gaokar, Nigalye and the SP of Police Allen D'Sa should look sharp in the late Melvyn Gomes case and nab the so called Madam and her brother and question them they maybe associates of the Joshi Gutka King but Alan D'Sa the SP should ensure they are not above the law !!! A murder is murder what ever maybe be the reason and the culprits should be hauled up in the Courts to face their sentence.

Diagambar Kamat and Ravi Naik should quit immediately if they cannot uphold the law in Goa and ensure that the lawabiding and honest Goans are safe and protected in their homeland !!! Quit you rogues and scoundrels CM and home minister you are taking Goa to the dogs while you are busy raking  the moolah of Rs.1 crore per day !!!! Do your video conferencing with your police and Madam Sonia Gandhi you bloody Chors !!!!

Vicente E. Do Rego said...

This is just an eyewash, criminal is conducting criminal case against his colleague, is there any sense in this?. Suspension will be revoked and this criminal Dalvi will be back in action in next six month or so, because without this dog rest of the higher cannot survive. Dismissed corrupt police are back in the police force conducting normal business of hafta collection for themselve and thier bosses and what they are talking about suspended cops.

Mario said...

As long as Ravi Charas Naik hold the home ministry nothing will happen to the criminal in cops uniform.Soon Jivbha would get President Medal and would be back heading some coastal Police station where they can loot tourists as well have free booze and food along with their families.

Diogo Fichardo said...

Hand these policemen to the victims of their crimes for proper Goan Village Justice. An Eye fir An Eye.

Afedupgoan said...

Dear Goans how much and why we should bear this monster called rabid charas naik?
Is it not the time for us to press for his removal as home minishter?


Joe Cocker said...

Arhe Goenkars even in football or hockey match after two caution cards or yellow cards the red card is served that is dissmisal from the playing arena why is this PI Dalvi not given the marching orders the simple red card dissmiss him from service.

If PSI Bhagats residence can be raided why is this PI Dalvi not subjected to a search and raid on his house one will see the ill gotten wealth.

This PI Dalvi was in the process of bribing his way to become a DYSP of Goa Police !!!

Good riddance to bad rubbish.. Dismiss PI Dalvi forthright no questions asked. .

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