PANJIM: Goa is becoming a child sex trade hub after Thailand's crackdown on its thriving child abuse industry, Archbishop Filipe Neri Ferrao said on Saturday.  "Till recently, Thailand was considered to be the capital of the child sex tourism industry in this part of the world. It is now known how the Thai government, pushed by international child protection organizations, cracked down on the industry in that country," Ferrao said.
"As a result, the lords of the sex trade have been looking out for fresh locations in South-East Asia. India, with her almost magical name, presents herself as an ideal alternative and Goa, which is being presented as a land on a holiday for 365 days, is increasingly seen as the most viable place for such a shift of operations," Ferrao said.
Ferrao was speaking at a two-day seminar here on child sex abuse, co-organised by the Roman Catholic Church-aligned Centre for Responsible Tourism.
Child sex abuse, especially paedophilia, has been a sensitive issue in Goa ever since Freddy Peats, an Indian passport holder of German descent, was arrested and convicted for paedophilia in the late 1980s.
"As it is, India is home to 20 percent of the world's children. It also has the dishonour of having the largest number of sexually abused children in the whole world. The oncoming onslaught of child sex tourism, therefore, can only spell further doom for our nation and, more especially, for our state," Ferrao said.
"The rest of our country perhaps needs to come up with a comprehensive legislation that will effectively deal with this complex problem, both at the national and state levels," he said adding that Goa Children's Act, for the protection of children's rights, must be made more stringent.
"The need of the hour is to press for a legislation that will forcefully declare zero tolerance for child sexual abuse, particularly for tourism-related crimes against children in India," he said.
Goa has a population of 26 percent Christians, a majority of whom are Roman Catholics (RC) and owe allegiance to the influential RC church here. – IANS


renoir said...

This is definetely a good cause that the Bishop has heighlighted, but would appreciate If The Bishop could highlight and unite his followers to the numerous other social problems that have plagued our society. Definetely there are more areas for him to address which are ignored or over looked  for reasons unexplained.

Qpereira1234 said...

What do you care for the poorest of the poor , do not care if the child called cipriano from moira is murdered or not though baptised in your care, do not care for an old aged woman dragged to court by the police in ribandar case, you allow a guilty priest to escape to canada,Where are your values? you allow church land in vaxim to sold by a hindu? are you a gonvli, a true shepherd of xt? you quote vedas to highlight  your knowledge, have you run out of xt? you hypocrate remeber If I own me before others i will own you, If you disown me before others I will disown you, think ponder, whose words these are

D.JUSTIN said...

Goa is not becoming a child sex trade hub , it is already a sex trade hub where our politicians and police acts as pimps to the Delhi babus and rich clients of the west. Our CM is a firsrt class pimp as he sells his own old wife to the goondas of monte dongor and Mumbai ' real state agents.

Qpereira1234 said...

phillipe neri, MOST RESPECTED,, you have lost a sheep in siolim/OR VASCOwill you go after it like christ?

Can you explain to me what is meaning of BISHOP? Do you care for the poorest of the poor or do you care for the contribution frthe poorest of the poor. I will judge you as a follower of xt. as a niz goenkar, on my death bead/ do you care on the words of xt: what so ever youn judge onearth should be bound on heaven?>>>>>>>>>> quote vedas to win, because you re exhausted of xt. yOU SEEK IMPORTANCE WITH

Qpereira1234 said...

most respected phillipe neri,
hang your self for thirty rupees
if ou cannot uphold  the truth ie: xt.save your soul by quoting vedas,and lighting a ponti for the governor,AND CM. THEY ARE YOUR EARTHLY COMFORT.

Anonymous the VIII said...

This should have come out years ago; before, or at least soon after incidents that have happened involving the clergy. This delay has led to one being a fugitive and the other meeting his judgment day.

dlp said...

What Qpereira1234 has said is gone over my head. I tried to ponder and just wonder what all that means. Sorry Mr. Pereira, can you be a little more specific???

Afedupgoan said...

Mr.(the priests are not fit to be addressed as fathers)Filipe Neri Ferrao has called for comprehensive legislation and a strong
mechanism that will forcefully declare zero tolerance for child sexual
I am asking  him is he sleeping when the priests from Goa are indulging in molesting minor girls?
Is he sleeping when his other priests sleep with others wives  specially whose husband work abroad?
Is he sleeping when there is so much loot and corruption in church matters?
or is he sleeping himself in some other company?
when the god himself start robing, molesting, raping, etc. where the common man has to turn to?
NRIs pl note* most of the wives and daughters of NRGoans are found most of the time at the parochial house.
why we need this middle man to reach to god?
you sweat it out abroad to earn money but here in Goa your wife lives like a queen.


dlp said...

I was just wondering when Tariamama became Qpereira1234. Out to spoil Pereira's name?

Dalia said...

How about Fr. Diogo who is fighting in the court to allot the Church property at Curtorim to his "kumar". Does the Church have daughter-in-laws to have the church property's share? Why is Bishop not looking into these "keeps' angle? If the Bishop goes on ex-communicating every fellow who opens the secret books, there will be no Christians left in Goa.

Diogo Fichardo said...

You name the crime and its available on the menu in Goa. Neither the politicians nor the police have the will to bring these crimes to zero tolerance. 

Salvador Seraulim said...

There is a old saying "the white man had the bible and we had the land, Now the white man has the land and we have the bible". The church has the property to do as it wishes and not what the Late land donors wished for. 

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