PANJIM: Expressing apprehension on the condition of the Zuari bridge, some authoritative sources said the lifespan of the bridge is set to expire in three years. And if construction of a new bridge begins tomorrow it would take a minimum of five years to complete.
But the problem in Goa is that to have good bridges lasting for years is difficult to come up like the western countries. The contractors must first bribe the ministers to get contract specially the crook Chief minister of Goa Digambar Kamat and the biggest thief of Goa PWD minister the illiterate Churchill Alemao with ten percent commission to Valanka Alemao.
A senior technical official stated that work on the new bridge should have begun long ago. But the file on the proposed new bridge has been lying with the PAC of the assembly.  The indecision of the government on process for land acquisition for the NH-17 expansion project, which entails construction of the new bridge, also makes the matter worse.
Nevertheless the detailed project reports are complete and contract has been awarded. A state-of-the-art cable bridge is supposed to come up on the Zuari river.  As of now, the Centre has refused to release any funds for bridge maintenance except for minor patchwork, probably fed up with the inordinate delay caused by the state government.
But PWD officials said the condition of the bridge is being monitored continuously and every three months checking and testing is done.  NHAI experts also have done checking of the bridge. "All investigations have been done. We appointed a consultant when the first report came out. The bridge was tested by him. He was satisfied with condition of the bridge, but said that heavy vehicles cannot ply on it. So we stopped heavy vehicles from plying on it," a senior PWD official said seeking to alleviate fears on safety of the bridge.
He, however, admitted that a new bridge was a necessity and insisted that the government was going ahead with the proposal on a priority basis.
Government officials claimed that except for differences on the toll issue most of the problems have been sorted out. Stating that they would insist that the construction of the new bridge be completed within the timeframe of three years, the officials said, "We will try to expedite the matter. The Chief Minister and the PWD Minister are after it."
Rubbishing the government claim that it has been trying to push the central government on the construction of the new bridge within three years, some officials asked whether any bridge can be built within three years.
"God willing, the construction should take five years from the time it starts. We are already too late. We should have started a couple of years back. If the state government is facing problems with other areas or the Centre is not agreeing to its demands then the work should be taken up by the state itself," some engineers felt. They recalled the hardships caused by the collapse of Mandovi bridge and long ferry queues before the Zuari was built.


renoir said...

How does one expect the bridges to fulfil their life span for which they have been certified  for? Not a single contractor can start a project without doing the down payment to the Minister or bunch of ministers as  their commission and yet the very ministers have the audacity to tell the public that they would challenege anyone who can give evidence to this under hand deal. ( strange but its very true  !) What will be the profit margin left for the contractor to ensure a quality job? Well he needs to maximise his profit too, and the only option at his dispossal is to compromise on quality. Thats the very result of these bridges going down so faster then expected. Its a shame to see that so many bridges and constructions done during the Potuguese era have stood the test of time and yet the bridges built way, way, after the potuguse  were driven away from Goa have stood the test of time.

Gobor said...

I crossed the mandovi bridge yesterday. Both the old and new had heavy traffic on them. On hindsight two bridges was a blessing. One bridge couldn't have handled the present day traffic.
The proposed be Zuari bridge should be a four-lane bridge.
The Portuguese should be invited to build it. Their bridges last for centuries.

Gobor said...

Lets hope and pray people Don't expire along with it.

D.JUSTIN said...

Give the contract to the British Government, their bridges lasts over thousand years like the world famous Tower Bridge. Infact, our Government officials and ministers are not interested in safety of the bridges as their main aim is their commission.
It is high time for the Goa Government to go for the two lane new bridge and use both the bridges as one way. If the Government go for two lane bridge than lots of houses will be saved on either side of the bridge as our Governmnent is not in a position to compensate the effected people properly. If they compensate the people properly than what they 'll put in their empty pockets.

D.JUSTIN said...

First bridge the two most corrupt families of LOST GOA ; DI GANDU'S FAMILY OF MARGAO AND CHORCHILL'S FAMILY OF VARCA. 

Romulus102 said...

D Justin, the corrosion problem of the bridge is serious and extensive. it was hoped that water proofing the road surface will arrest the corrosive attack, although it has helped, the good effect of water proofing will not last for a long time. Therefore the bridge needs to be dismantled. There is a speed limit on the bridge, it is there for a very good reason but unfortunately no one wants to drive/ ride at 30kmph (approx 18 mph). How many people who frequent this blog have broken this limit on the bridge? probably a vast majority. Both zuari bridges, road and railway have suffered large amounts of barge hits, very less of which are reported. So a solution needs to be developed for the barge traffic as well.
In the west the bridges are built by private companies and financed by govts. The best technical bid should be invited to build the bridge regardless of nationalilty. The only caution should be about kickbacks and commissions.

Diogo Fichardo said...

Newly built Goan bridges have a shorter then life span, but our corrupt politicians server a longer period. Which one serves Goan's needs " Bridge or Politicians?

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