At the very onset I would like to congratulate Menino Fernandes and his NIZ GOENKAR team for hosting, update and administer a very bold website dedicated to liberate Goa and Goans from the shackles of our own doing.
Be it mining – legal and illegal that is harming own brethren, destroying our environment and the natural beauty of a paradise on this earth called Goa. Rampant construction at the cost of our green hills, swaying palms, flowing fields, cascading springs and lakes, heritage structures and monuments and not forgetting our 104 km long coastal stretch. Acquisition of tracts of land belonging to people and the communidade for projects that are not really required for a small state like Goa. Communal division of Goan polity, politicization of police department, corruption at every level of governance, all this has been exposed on NIZ GOENKAR site.
More importantly Menino and his team dedicate a lot of time on the comments of Goan bloggers so as to give them importance. The comments of Goans be it in Goa or the diaspora Goans are so palpable that one can feel their anger against the present day government. Furthermore NIZ GOENKAR site is a window to all the diaspora Goans as it keeps them updated about the happenings and events in the mother state on a daily basis which even our popular dailies fail to do.
Kudos to Menino and his team for not only updating the site on regular basis, but dedicating themselves to cause and that is to maintain Goenkarponn and at the same time educate people of Goa to bring about a change in governance. To elect a government that will work for Goa and Goans and not a government made up of self-centered, communal politicians.
Through hard work, dedication, perseverance and enthusiasm NIZ GOENKAR team has made the government, police, politicians and politicians –in-waiting to sit up and take notice and be wary of the team because Menino and co, have stood up to the pressures of the police and politicians.
All the best in your new venture and I earnestly hope that NIZ GOENKAR site will bring about the required change.
Nisser Dias


Dalia said...

Mr. Nisser, your contribution to NG is immense. Your message to the Goans is well taken by the readers. Your articles always contain high moral and this is changing Goa. Goa is getting better everyday because of people like you who brings in a change.

dlp said...

Mr. Nisser,

I know you are a very good fighter, like NG, of the corrupt governance that is going on at the moment. I have been an ardent follower of your Articles on NG for the past one year or more. It's a pity that I do not get to read your articles on other news media wherever you are writing. Keep it up and may God give you courage and inspiration for the fight of Goans. God Bless you.

Nisar786 said...


Joaquim Correia Afonso said...

Our congratulations go to Menino and his team in NIZ GOENKAR for making the site available to all true Goans who love their motherland to contribute their articles and comments dedicated to Goa and Goans.

Congratulations are also due to Nisser for his own contributions with dedication to the interests of Goa and Goans. He is also an inspiration for us.

God bless all of you.

Silvestor Bethalbatim said...

Goans are in need of that push to wake up and voice themselves, Niz Goenkar site has made it possible for . It is one of the sites that has never pulled its punches back. 

renoir said...

Mr Niseer Dias, in you is the real Journalist. Your articles  are so informative, educative and make reading so much a pleasure. May your dedication to this site be rewarded abundantly. Not forgetting The blog creator of "NIZGOENKAR" Mr Menino. For all your  vaulable time and effort in running and maintaining this blog, in keeping the Goans all over the world abreast of the plight our mother land is going through> God bless the entire team of  the Genuine "NIZGOENKARS" and may the sun always shine upon them.

Neville said...

NG has really brought together like minded people who are dedicated to the cause of Goa. This effort to expose the real issues affecting Goa will definetly take a lot of time, guts  and resources. I hope & pray that more goans will become aware of this site and take an active part in the concerns highlighted. The politicians & police are concerned too, because they get exposed for their wrong doings. To NG & his team a very big THANK YOU for reviving us, there's hope yet despite all the gloom. Nisser you too deserve thanks, so too the other writers. You guys are far too brave than the spineless Herald & Navhind beggars.

Anand Desai Mopa said...

Thanks Nisser for your honest description of NG, Thanks to Menino too for giving us a place where we can voice ourselves.

N.Fernandes-London said...

I too would like to pay my sincere complimets to Nisser Dias.
His articles and news items are very thought provoking & educationaln.
They are extremely articulate and full of facts. 
He is  a, "TRUE SON of GOA" & will always be remembered by one.
he is a Jewel in Goa`s Crown.

Trevor said...

Well said! Goa needs people like you! Unfortunately as seen in Swindon we have exported the very mentality that will bring about our own demise. The wrong people are in leadership rolls!! We have some serious problems with our society, that we choose to follow trash in Swindon and in Goa. Mr Dias, any ideas on how we drum some sense into our people???

Clunha said...

Nisser I remember stood firm against some  severe bullying and threats from none other then Churchill a few years ago. I remember Nisser even sat at Pedro's at Benaulim beach when Churchill's goons were trying to find him. But even then there were people who believed in you Nisser and were waiting for these guys to mess with you. They did not have the guts to try their stunts then. We were classmates and it  is a pleasure to know that you are part of Niz Goenkar. Viva

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