PANJIM: The Nationalist Congress Party (NCP), at state as well as national level, was strongly opposed to illegal mining and would not protect anyone involved in the same, top leaders said on Monday.  NCP state unit president Prof Surendra Sirsat and central observer, Ms Bharti Chavan, said that they were opposed to illegal mining and would not support any person who was involved in illegal mining.
When questioned about the national general secretary’s alleged involvement in illegal mining, Ms Chavan initially expressed her ignorance and then promised to look into it even as she said that he was appealing against the fine that he had been awarded, pointing to ambiguity in her and the party’s stand against illegal mining.
The party’s national secretary, Jeetendra Deshprabhu, who has been indicted by the Goa government for largescale alleged illegal mining, has been fined Rs 1.72 crore for carrying out alleged large-scale illegal mining of bauxite at Korgao, Pernem and has also been booked by the Crime Branch in the alleged illegal mining case along with top mining department officials, including the director of mines.
According to reports, the party’s co-ordinator Mr Prafulla Hede too has also been hauled up for alleged illegal mining by the government. Meanwhile, the NCP stated that the long awaited coordination committee meeting between itself and the Congress would take place by next month.
NCP’s central observer, Ms Bharthi Chavan told media that she had told the Chief Minister, Mr Digambar Kamat that they wanted a co-ordination committee meeting "every month, especially since the elections are coming close."
Admitting that there were a lot of "leakages" in the relationship between the Congress and NCP on governance issues, Ms Chavan said the "committee meeting not being held was a big leakage in itself."
Earlier, the NCP senior vice-president in charge of North Goa, Mr Suresh Parulekar warned the government that if illegalities were not sorted out then "we would take law into our own hands and the government would be responsible for the consequences".
"We will file contempt petition against the IGP, the panchayat and PI Devendra Gad," on the issue of an illegal construction coming up in Nerul and the government inaction on the issue," Mr Parulekar threatened.
Ms Chavan also told media that the coalition would be decided at a later stage but "the Congress is in no position to go on its own in the elections ," even as the president of the party, Prof Surendra Sirsat told media that the NCP was ready to fight it alone in all 40 constituencies.
The different committees of the state NCP unit for North Goa were also announced on Monday with Mr Parulekar saying that ward-wise village panchayat membership drive would be started soon and the process completed within two months. Mr Sirsat also told media that the present strength of the NCP was 30,000 and they were targeting 1,00,000 members.


Gobor said...

Surprising .. ummm, this is why Congress and the NCP make "strange  "BAD-FELLOWS"  alliance

Anonymous the VIII said...

All BULLSHIT politics!!!
You NCP can tell all this to the Ghantis. Goans are not fools to vote for you'll by making such statements.
NCP does not want English as MOI; If NCP can also state that Marathi is not Goan's mother tongue; then maybe Goans may consider NCP.

niz goenkar said...

my dear chor party ncp your big boss party chief himself is the greatest chor of the century what ideology you politicians are got nothing but robbing our dear country amasing your illgotten wealth in foriegn coutry and in our india. indian citizens are bored with such weightless statements now we are just weighting for strong lokpal bill. first all politicians should clean themself then give such statements otherwise  public will clean you up time is nearing now

Goenkar Niz said...

my dear chor party ncp your big boss party chief himself is the greatest chor of the century what ideology you politicians are got nothing but robbing our dear country amasing your illgotten wealth in foriegn coutry and in our india. indian citizens are bored with such weightless statements now we are just weighting for strong lokpal bill. first all politicians should clean themself then give such statements otherwise  public will clean you up time is nearing now

Niz Goenkar said...

Dear Goenkar Niz,

I am sorry I had to change the name which you had sent as Niz Goenkar as it would clash with our title and the other think readers and commentators would think it is me who is commenting.  Please understand me.

I also request all other Goans I mean readers and commentators to kindly refrain from using the name NIZ GOENKAR in any form to comment.

Hope all our readers will comply with this as it would create confusion in the minds of readers and commentators.

Menino de Valpoi - Editor Niz Goenkar

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