PANJIM: A Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) legislator's complaint, accusing three Crime Branch officers of abetting the suicide of a constable, will be examined, the Goa Police Thursday said.  Confirming Benaulim legislator Mickky Pacheco's complaint, Director General of police (DGP) Aditya Arya said: "We are looking into the complaint. The Goa Police have lost one of our family and we are going to get to the bottom of the matter."
Police driver Chandru Gawas consumed rat poison while on duty last week and succumbed to internal injuries Monday.
In his dying declaration to special judicial magistrate Maria Mascarenhas, constable Gawas said Deputy Superintendent of Police Chandrakant Salgaonkar and inspectors Sunita Sawant and Pravin Vast were harassing him at work, which was why he was forced to commit suicide.  "All the three police officers should be arrested immediately because they are trying to destroy evidence, which is leading to them," Pacheco said, after meeting the DGP Thursday.  Speaking to reporters later, Arya said he has summoned the accused and the top brass at the Crime Branch. – IANS


renoir said...

This is the plight of our  so called men in uniform. They are as termed by the Home minister as "Professionals" doing their job. Allegations after allegations, one crime after the other and there is no end to this affair. In-spite of so much media exposure on the rampant corruption, evil and high handedness of these top cops being exposed, the Home minister whose port folio under whom these criminals in uniform operate has stayed silent. Well I am sure my dear readers can sum up the reasons for this.If its not Brothers in arms then what should I say? Its high time that we  pull our socks together and fight this epidemic that has plagued us. Its the only solution to the state of affairs at this time......... before more innocent people are tortured or  cornered to commit suicide and then term it as natural death.

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