MOI IMPLEMENTATION IN TWO DAYS (Courtesy Herald) by Vicente E. Do Rego

Shame on BBSM, now time for them to go into hiding
Demand for English - 90%
Konkani- 4%
The roadmap for implementation of the decision to give grants for English medium instruction schools will be decided in two days. Speaking to the Herald, Education Minister Babush Monserrate said “We will decide on how to implement the MoI decision after going through reports received both from the monitoring committee as well as the report of the parents’ choice on the medium of instruction.”
On Wednesday, the Education Department submitted a report to the government based on the forms filled by parents on their choice of medium of instruction for their children. According to that report more than 90% of the parents have chosen English for their children, while 6% have chosen Marathi and 4% have chosen Konkani. These results which are nothing short of an opinion poll on the issue, the parents have crushed all opposition to the grant of English led by the Bharatiya Bhasha Surakha Manch.
“That is just a compilation of the parents wishes. That along with the report on implementation submitted by the monitoring committee will be placed before the chief minister. The chief minister along with me and other officials will then take a decision on how it is to be implemented. It will be done within two days,” Monserrate said.
He also rebuffed suggestions that the matter will go back to the cabinet. “Nothing needs to go back to the cabinet. It will be decided during the meeting with the chief minister,” Babush said when asked about the hurdles in implementation of the MoI.


Nizachogoenkar said...

Definately the 90% are Konkani speakers. So when it comes to General language choice it is
90+4=94% Konkani
6% Marathi.

Time to ask for a seperate Great Nation of Goa out of reach of Maratwales.

Perdro Lopes said...

This proves that Goa is not a Ganthi or Gandhi nation. It's definetly an Euro+ Indo nation, This has got nothing to do with india as Goans are not Indians, Only invaded and inidanised by the invader system.

NIZGOAN said...

The blood in B J P leader Manohar Parrikar is not from a Goan father, like Shashekala, sure his mother was a big B***h, otherwise how is is become a big B**T**d........that he want to put Goa in Maharastra

Lance Dias said...

He he heh atleast now the people of his constituency will realise that they voted for a loser !

Shubash Raikar Panjim said...

It is simple mathematics Goans have spoken, The ghantis BBSM should pack their bags and leave Goa.

GOBOR said...


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