MIND YOUR LANGUAGE (AGAIN!) by Dr. Oscar Rebello

Let us clarify crystal clear positions in our current language imbroglio.
1) Uday Bhembre; Arvind Bhatikar; Prashant; Pundalik & Hema Naik; N. Shivdas and many other stalwarts in the BBSM movement specially the youth brigade I know well, are the finest, secular and principled individuals in Goan society.
Just because they take a position on a cultural issue does not make them communal. Indeed, if the crazy bats from the Sangh were to run riot terrorizing minorities in Goa, some day, these individuals would be in the front line of fire defending secularism. The beloved Man of the Masses would at that time be probably hobnobbing with the BJP, still counting his 20%.
In India it is simple. The majority Hindu can choose to be communal or secular. The minorities have no option but to be secular. We are blessed that a large percentage of Hindus in our society choose to remain inherently secular.
2) The Church in Goa, despite me being in disagreement with many of her teachings, much to the chagrin of my suffering wife(and now my argumentative kids) has been an epic institution in our social history, fighting relentlessly on genuine issues plaguing Goa. Mining and Real Estate scandals; Education & Human Rights; Casinoisation of Goa & Rehabilitation of drug & prostitution victims. All these issues make them deeply patriotic and her position on cultural issues makes them anti-national? Incongruous no? But just as beauty, I guess, patriotism also lies in the eyes of the beholder.
3) The BBSM brigade may pitch for Konkanni / Marathi passionately but they do not hate English and don’t want it banned. The FORCE may ask for English as a choice but not that they love their Konkani / Marathi any less.
So where is the problem then?
The stumbling block in any meaningful solution to the current bitter feud ( much to the delight of politicians of all hues ) is this : A yawning , gaping hole in the BBSM argument . Whats that ? Let me explain
I grant that it is the duty and business of academicians and teachers ; thinkers and educationists to draft the MOI policy in our state and if it is Konkanni / Marathi ( regional language ) as MOI then , so be it !
But then this MOI policy must fundamentally , necessarily and absolutely apply to every primary school-going kid in Goa. One uniform policy!!! For ALL, Todos, pour tous, sab ke liye !!!
There cant be a set of escape hatches into the warm embrace of English (a.k.a. Elitism or Exclusivism ) for the Ranes & the Rebellos ; the Pintos and the Prabhudessais ; The Shaikhs and the Sardessais ; the Agarwals and the Ambanis.
You certainly don’t have one set of traffic rules for a motorcycle and one for a Mercedes Benz on the same road, do you?
And that is the anxiety, angst and frustration of the FORCEful parents (notwithstanding their mollycoddling with dubious politicians)
One set of rules for the privileged, affluent and connected. (how many affluent parents put in their kids to a badly run government school?) And another for the hoi polloi.
And these binary rules are not just in education! A five star hotel gets saved from the axe bypassing a supreme court judgement but fishermen houses are demolished; a seedy real estate bandicoot can flout all rules but a simple bloke is made to run pillar to post for a housing license ; a BMW can smash through people but a motorcycle rider without a license gets hauled up; a mining accident can kill without culpability but anti mining farmers whose fields are destroyed are terrorists!
Therefore the clamour for a similar kind of education that the privileged class access. If you cant beat them, lets at least be like them.
And this you will find resonating amongst parents of all denominations and religions and classes .Don’t look at the crowds everywhere. Just scratch the surface and go deeper.
What our leaders urgently need to do is to veer away from this claustrophobic politics of religious and linguistic identity – very necessary identities but they do not have to be fretful, grieving and inward looking but positive, light and irreverent and forward looking to embrace everyone.
And of course it would really really help if our Goan identity this century, would completely change and focus on efforts to make individuals sensitive to the environment and our heritage: to honesty and probity in public life; to civic sense and the capacity to sensibly share our resources; to an identity of genuine inner pride and massive forgiveness on all sides.
That would be a Goenkarponn that we could truly showcase to the world!


Bookies2000 said...

We appreciate and congratulate Dr Oscar Rebelo for the above article, wherein it is clearly stated/explained the different set of rules which are applied for the RICH and different set for the POOR.  Also the mention of Hotel demolition case, which clearly shows that the rich and privileged can get away with anything.
Two points we would like to clarify :
1)    We have never called/tagged anyone communal  or anti national but on the other hand the people named in the first para of your article have called FORCE/ PARENTS communal, Anti-national and all sorts of names in their speeches.  FORCE/parents have never gone so low to match their level.

2)    The demand of the parents was no way political or aligned to any politician nor funded by any politician.  On the contrary some politicians are taking credit/mileage of the parents movement which they do not deserve.

Dr. Ferdinando dos Reis Falc√£o said...

The problem is :
1- The PHOBIA of the inferior becoming their superior. It is the inborn trait of a community who has inferiors and superiors.
2- Age related DEMENTIA. If they were young they would jump for English. To old to learn new tricks; probity in public life, civic sense, etiquettes, etc. are all Colonial culture.

David Leitao said...

Dr Oscar well said you have shown maturity and wisdom beyond your age you have been the envy of these 40 chor MLAs and scoundrel politicians.

Dr Oscar you go ahead we are with you !!!! Power to the good honest forces Goans rise !!!

Dear honest and harworking Goans reading this Now is the time its now or never !!! The call  is to all the good Goans forces UNITE and take your rightfull place in the Goa Legislative assembly !!!!

Goans do not be dumb driven cattle be HEROES in your stride !!! Goans unite send these 40 chor MLAs packing !!!

Anand Desai Mopa said...

We embrace Konkani as our mother tongue and not Marathi. If Marathi is being financed by Goan Government so should English which is the demand of Goan parents. It does not need to be turned into a political circus by person of Non-Goan intrests. 

Dalia said...

Dr. Oscar has got wisdom in his words. He has shown the way for the Goans to wake up and stand on their feet. Some of the stooges implanted around him by his opponents sabotaged his plans but his vision is far ahead. Goans should stand up against the injustice forgetting our religion and alliance to party politics if we want our generations to succeed. Single person will not be able to make miracles unless we do it all together and fight injustice of all forms.

dlp said...

It's really thrilling to see Dr. Oscar Rebello's writing on the Niz Goenkar, is spite of his very busy schedule. Welcome Doctor to our humble but powerful NG site managed by Menino. As I understand, Saturnino has already had a long talk with you and have updated on the happenings. We would love to see your articles even if it is just one paragraph. Thanks and thanks again.

A Niz Goenkar Original Team Member

Cyrus mascsa said...

Hey guys you are on road to teach culture of india. One policeman commited suicide due to harrasment. where are you all you are hiding.. is this culture of india. If you study in enlish you will not get good cultural values now all people who are opposing to this shameful act of PI, study in english that means only in Englsih you learn true culutre of India. In martahi they only teach to be corrupt?if no then why are you not oppsoing this shameful act instead of fighting for MOI. Parrikar bab where are you now? Bangles ghalun khuim bosla. Na zalear soglem zlae mhontoch  bho bho kor. Parrikar you not dog but real bitch. Thai, Parrikarak bail na, Tum kiteak tachea lagim logn zaina. Your pair will be pair of this century. honeymoon korpak best svat mhollear Baina beach. Dont go outside india as that is not in ur culture.

Gobor said...


Joaquim Correia Afonso said...

Congratulations, Oscar, i very much appreciate your article. The law is one, there should be no separate rules for the "North" and for the "South".

Goan identity is just what you say - honesty, probity in public life, civic sense and whatever else you have mentioned..

Unfortunately, the Goan politician, in general, has a completely different identity, that he flaunts as Goenkarponn.

R.A. Noronha said...

1st the Article on
Portuguese v/s freedom fighter debate, then this Article and now news that Dr. Oscar Rebello resigns from Goa Bachao Abhiyan (GBA), are these all linked? What the hell is going on? Has the once Modern Day Fighter for the Motherland loosing it?

Goandubai said...

Well said Dr. , reality is welcome to Goa - Goa has gone to the dogs..even the dogs are now getting rabid..worse is still to come.

Thank you Mr.Nehru ..you are truely the architect of the destruction of Goa and everything Goan.

Joel Morais said...

All truth but we are citizens of such a country where truth has always failed.Different rules for different people.VIVA GOA!JAI BHARAT!

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