PANJIM: Maharashtra has once again demanded that Goa should either give jobs to the 600-odd project affected persons (PAP) of the Tillari irrigation project or pay monetary compensation through a one-time settlement as per the agreement signed in 1990 between the two states.

Making a strong pitch on Thursday, Maharashtra's water resources minister Sunil Tatkare urged his Goan counterpart Felipe Neri Rodrigues to honour the agreement at the earliest either by giving the jobs or through a one-time-settlement with the PAPs.
Tatkare made the demand at the third interstate Tillari irrigation project control board meeting at the government Secretariat, Porvorim, on Thursday. The water resources secretaries, directors and other high ranking officials from both sides were also present.
Talking to the media after the meeting, Tatkare said that according to "clause 9 on page 10" of the agreement, Goa is supposed to rehabilitate the PAPs according to the Maharashtra Rehabilitation Act, 1976, by giving them government jobs. If Goa cannot offer jobs, then the state may follow the one-time-settlement method of compensating the PAPs that is adopted by Maharashtra in its various other projects, he added.
Responding to media queries, Rodrigues said that he has not given any assurances. He said that he has asked Maharashtra to submit a detailed proposal on the one-time-settlement, which he will put before his government for consideration.
Rodrigues said that Goa does not have any specific law on the rehabilitation of PAPs though it has some policies for PAPs. He said that as and when job opportunities come up, the PAPs settled in Goa can apply for the jobs and then it is his duty to give them the jobs.
When asked, Tatakare said he was not setting any deadline for the Goa government to comply with the agreement, but wanted the issue resolved at the earliest. When told that Goa is already struggling with unemployment and that Goans go to Maharashtra for jobs, Tatkare said Goa's "committment is on record". Though he understood the limitations of Goa, the state should work to satisfy the PAPs through a time-bound programme, he said.
Tatkare last made the demand during his last visit to Goa on January 17 this year. According to the agreement, Goa's share of the water and costs for the project is 73.3%. Presently, there are about 631 PAPs seeking jobs from Goa.
About 11 villages in Maharashtra were affected by the Tillari Irrigation project comprising 1236 families. The project cost is 1,612 crore of which common works between Maharashtra and Goa totalled 658 crore. The 73.30% of Goa's share amounts to 482.31 crore. of which Goa needs to pay a balance amount of 20 crore. Though initially scheduled to be completed in 2012, problems delayed the project. It is now 99% complete and will be fully completed by June 2013, Tatkare said – TNN


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This one of the three blunders created by Chorchill when he was Chief Minister for 15 days. He should be told to give them jobs on his trawlers or football team. He can employ some of them in his house to service Valanka.

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