PANJIM: Central Bureau of Investigation’s (CBI) Anti Corruption Branch (ACB) has registered the third police-drug mafia case involving police sub inspector Sunil Gudlar.   CBI’s Joint Director and Special Inspector General of Police Rishiraj Singh said that Goa CBI has been asked to take over Gudlar’s case by Delhi headquarters in a communiqué on Friday evening.
Department of Personnel and Training, Delhi issued a formal notification under section 5 of Delhi Police Act authorizing CBI to take over the case.  “We will start the investigation afresh. The case details and relevant investigation papers will be sought from Goa police on Monday,” said Joint Director, who was in Goa for an interaction with the public.
CBI earlier has started investigations into the two police-drug mafia nexus cases in which eight policemen were found having been involved in the sale of drugs from the confiscated ones and for having connections with Israeli drug dealer Yaniv Benaim alias Atala and the arrest of another Israeli David Driham alias Dudu with haul of drugs at Anjuna.
It has to be noted that the case of Dudu has been chargesheeted by Goa Police, the remaining two cases were under probe when High Court disposed of a petition by National Students Union of India (NSUI) under Mr. Kauthankar demanding an inquiry by the CBI into the drug nexus.
The senior officer stated that CBI’s investigation into all the three cases would not be as per Goa police’s investigation. Dudu, who is out on bail will soon be questioned by the CBI, Singh added.
CBI will further seek the help of Interpol to extradite the fugitive – Atala who is currently lodged in Peruvian jail which is an impossible task as Peru has not treaty of extradition with India even though the CBI say it would be easy.
“Atala’s extradition would not be difficult for an agency such as CBI. Although India does not have extradition treaty with Peruvian government, there is a mutual MOU with certain countries, which is as good as having a treaty,” he said replying to a question on Atala’s extradition to India.
“We will investigate everyone involved with the case. My team will go as per the new FIR. Whether politicians, journalists or anybody involved in the nexus would not be spared,” he said adding that arrests will be made, if required.
But the CBI have so far failed to say anything on the involvement of Roy Naik the son of the home minister Ravi Naik. But it is unlikely that the CBI will get any clues and information on Roy Naik as the evidence has deliberately been destroyed by the Crime Branch Policeman Chandrakant Salgaoncar at the instance of Ravi Naik who called him a professional policeman.


Mario said...

STOP FOOLING...what CBI is going to unearth when every evidence is destroyed by Crime Branch of Goa Police.It is also alleged that a Goa Police had a deal with Lucky Farmhouse the prime witness of Police-Jornalist-Drugs Mafia nexus case to disappear in return release of her boyfriend Atala.The whole conspirator in Ravi Charas Naik and his two begger sons.CBI is politician managed agency often used to safeguard politician as well to take revenge on their political enemies.

GOBOR said...


Vaibhav said...

CBI inquiry is just a eye wash, it just been giving so called sunil gudlar time and  he has made enough money at the cost of deparment. why is dudu let free if caught with several kilos of narcrotics. looks like the department has let him off, why has he been not chargesheeted? looks like something fishy. i think if CBI inquiry done the police officers and the Drug lords of foreign nationals residing in goa and doing all the illegal activities should be behind Bars or depart them back to their country.i think the opposition should come on heavy on the government to come to the result of the case, if the Home minister son Roy Naik is involved get him also lets make our GOA free from Drugs ,corrupt officials and the Corrupt Government.

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