Great things begin to happen when good people come together for a "common good". Thanks to your additions (to this Group), the number of Goa Speaks Members has crossed 2200. Please feel free to ADD your friends to make this Group SMARTER and "more exciting"!
Most of us are already benefitting from the high quality contents and inputs that are posted on this Page by many of you. Besides knowing, debating and understanding different issues that are confronting Goa, we are also "on our way" to find solutions to some of these problems.
"Goa Speaks" is DIFFERENT... Many of our members are already "walking their talk" by taking ACTION on some of the issues that are raised in this Forum. We have already conducted many LIVE Debates, Seminars & workshops at "Benaulim Community Centre" in this regard.
And with your assistance, we will have MORE of them-at least one in every 15 days! Therefore we want you and your friends to be a part of this EXCITING new Mission. Let us use Facebook to "Change the Face of Goa" as one of our member Cynthia Fernandes rightly said it- "Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much."
YES WE CAN do it...You & I TOGETHER with this adrenalin charged Group called 'Goa Speaks'.


Gurudas Lotlikar Margao said...

Goans are at a very pivotal point, created by politicians and law enforcers. Uniting to fight for a better Goa is very important, The younger generation guided by their elders are a better candidate to better the future of Goa. 

Gobor said...

The answer is we all original goans of pre-portuguese era  should all get together.
Forget the difference that some of us were converted to catholics.  The the original "NIZ GOENCARS" must come together and  get special status inf not independence for Goa. otherwise we will soon be swallowed by the rest of Ghanti India.

Gobor said...

Dotor I appreciate "Goa speaks"  but you speak one language and your sister some other language. Just like Auda and Anaclet

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