PANJIM: Much to the dismay of the environmentalists, Goa Environment Minister Aleixo Sequiera today defended frog-killing in the state, terming it as a `habit'. Sequeira, addressing a convention of youths on environment at Dona Paula near here, said "frogs have been eaten in the state for (the past) several years".
"It is a habit that has been going on. I agree that it is against the law," the minister said, evoking angry reactions from the gathering of around 100 participants, who urged Sequiera to respect the country's wildlife laws. "Don't treat wildlife-related crimes (as) pettier than the general crimes," one of the participants told the minister during the interaction.
Poaching frogs is banned under wildlife protection act, as the species have been classified as protected. Frogs is a delicacy in the monsoon in Goa. They are termed `jumping chicken' and served at various restaurants in coastal belt, especially South Goa.
The minister was interacting with youths at the concluding session of convention on 'Environment and Development', organised by Centre for Environment Education, and Goa Golden Jubilee Development Council. Sequeira conceded that he had asked the forest department officials, at times, "to release the accused nabbed for frog poaching on bail". "What is the use of keeping him in a lock-up when the offence is bailable," he said.


Gobor said...

"Jumping" chicken  and "Running" Dukor  both protected have been served in a few bars.
But there was a suggestion that frogs be reared for consumption. I do not know how far that is legal.

Vicente E. Do Rego said...

Because of this menace common man and poor people of Goa are suffering miserably, rich are becoming rich and poor struggles to build two room shelter due to high prices of real estate. Govt. officials are gone blind given this black money and nobody wants to do anything about it. The so called Ganta-boil Chief Minister does not want to do anything to bring the law to ban Goas land to non-Goans nor to impose high house tax on non-Goans holding properties in order to continue his stting on CM's chair. This is the law of stupid filthy corrupt India. Independence fro India is the only solution this corrupt administration.

N.Fernandes-London said...

I am not sure if the Frogs in question are a protected speices.
Like Fish or prawn Farming, perhaps there could be Frog Farming in controlled environments as a solution.
This will also ensure proper hygiene & a suitability for human consumption.
There should be "no" depletion of natural stock, as Frogs serve  an environmental  and ecological purpose and provide bio-diversity.

I would be very happy to see Mr Alexio Sequirrell ,caged in Bondla Zoo.
He may learn a thing a two from it.It will stop his promotion of Gambling at Casinos, in most cases from the money from Corrupt deals & Contracts. 

Vicente E. Do Rego said...

Sorry! for the above comment, it was directed to another topic 'BLACK MONEY HOLDERS INVEST IN REAL ESTATE ", but by mistake got posted on this site.

Vicente E. Do Rego said...

For me whatever comments are does not matter, but as an environment concious person I truely support the cause of banning Frog killing and consumption in the name of delicacy.
Frogs are important for many reasons they control populations of insects and other invertibrates. Frogs are also an indicator species. This means that if the air, water, or food source in a frog's environment is poluted, the frogs will have symptoms, including prone to diseases and abnormalties in offspring that let peole know that something is wrong, Frog is also important to keep our field fertile for cultivation. Frog is almost on the verge of extiction unless precaution is taken to educate the people.
When the world is supportive for this cause and If the Enviroment Minister makes such comments then he is not fit to be in the Ministry of Environment.

Romulus102 said...

Oh indeed it is a habit, a bad one which needs to nipped in the bud. the seller and buyer of frog meat should both be held accountable. I recall from my childhood days the numbers of frogs in my vaddo, compared to the number of mosquitos.Now, It is the opposite i.e less frogs more mosquitos. So grave is the problem in goa that the frogs are struggling to recover from excessive poaching. But we cannot wait for the govt to  act. If we can start this education ( as aptly said by Vicente E Do Rego) in our own vaddos and convince the youth who engage in poaching to stop and show them the reasons to stop i believe we can make a small difference.

Neville said...

We have these buffoons masquerading as environment minister, another as education minister, yet another as a science & technology minister and to keep these vermin under control we have another as home minister, a very convenient position control the drug trade with sons. All are professed experts in their respective fields, making a mockery of the niz goenkars. They are not worth to be emplpyed as tea boys yet they lord over us all. Enough please, let us all send them into oblivion in the next elections.

Dalia said...

For Aleixo Sequeira, everything is a habit. Pouring people's money in Casinos all over the World is also a habit. His minor son now frequenting Discos and casinos is also a "family habit".

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