There is no restricted term or age level for your ministers and even the morgues are not welcoming them for everlasting storage. The candidates possess no law and order qualification yet they are offered Goan blood honorary degrees by the universities or colleges from accident victims or blood banks.
In some parts of Goa, they have imported Ghantis for the votes and their ration cards are submitted in hours and in days the Ghantis appear on the voting lists. Is there any one in real control of Goa or Sonia Mata?
The Governor is abandoned on the island of Black Sea; the CM’s lips are stitched upto the throat like the barrao tonsils of the pig. The Election Commissioner is the finger print of the fools. The police are acting like goondas and the rowdies manage the streets of Goa. The famous freedom fighter Karmali railway station has become a Fatorda Ghanti stadium and the beautiful lake adjoining it is turned into a shit Old Goa gutter.
Remember Goans: your corrupt politicians will be jobless if they losses or you have to sacrifice the job for them for next 5 years. Ultimately he pays you for a one minute vote and you have to repay them their chair. You pay lakhs of rupees to acquire a public servant job and to the bosses you pay 500 rupees slice of your shit. Democratic country, bureaucratic state, evil or narcotic governance has failed to address the real suffering of Goan people.
Yes the politicians and their cronies take a direct flight from Goa to Middle East to reclaim their election booties and haftas from Goan Sheikhs. Indirect flight losses central command blessing and Goa custom route is the namaste solution for their safe loot. Blog to say! Your Politicians are bxxxxxxs. Their mothers would have cursed their acts if they were alive today for giving births to demons.
And the licking dogs of Congress are given the promise of a bone “If you returns me the corrupt chair again so shall you polish and shine my foot or future” If I win so shall you and you will be given a free pilgrimage tour to Baba Mandir in Nasik (Hindus) or Valanka tour (Christians).Sounds miracles for Modkoikar or Churchill constituency Goans. We speak facts and not lie.


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