MARGAO: South Goa SP Allen D'Sa on Monday placed PSI Prasanna Bhagat of the Cuncolim police station under suspension pending a departmental inquiry against him for bribery. The suspension is based on a report submitted by DySP Umesh Gaonkar and PI Nelson Albuquerque into the allegations of bribery against Bhagat.
The family of Jason Goes had in a written complaint to DySP Gaonkar alleged that Bhagat had demanded 10,000 for "releasing" Goes from the clutches of the police. Jason was a part of the 11-member team of college students that had gone to Cabo da Rama beach on Friday which turned tragic after two of the students met a watery grave.
Goes' family had complained that Goes was summoned to the Cuncolim police station for two consecutive days where PSI Bhagat held Jason responsible for the deaths of the two youth and threatened to put him into the police lockup. When Jason pleaded innocence and asked to be set free, Bhagat allegedly demanded a sum of 10,000 for his "release".
Further more the car of the suspended PSI has been attached, following the identification by the victims’ parents. The car was used by the disgraced PSI to go to the spot to demand bribe.
On Monday, Cuncolim PI Nelson Albuquerque submitted his report about the incident to DySP Gaonkar who then placed the details before SP Allen D'Sa who subsequently ordered Bhagat's suspension. D'Sa told reporters that a departmental inquiry would soon be initiated against Bhagat. Sources said that Bhagat has courted controversy a number of times for his alleged misdeeds even while serving at other police stations.


Anand Desai Mopa said...

Suspension is the beginning to be transferred to another police station and continue the trade.

Gobor said...

I was just wondering .................
Do the cops do something to get caught and then get suspended --which is a paid vacation.
I think that's the only way they can get leave, because  cops say they are overworked and are not sanctioned leave.
Nice solution.

Adelightedoan said...

  This Prasanna Bhagat is from Canacona, Bhagatwaddo. He
was at canacona police station in the year 2008. and assistant to PI
Suraj Harlankar, Prasanna has learnt all tricks from him Suraj till date
has not solved a single case handled by him.Prasanna was an assistant to Suraj in the Most infamous Goa murder Mystery(visit www.goamurdermystery.com)
both of them took money to cover up the case.same year he was involved in arresting catholic youths of Ponsulem In Canacona celebrating Christmas. then in 2010 Prasanna was
stabbed at Balli allegedly by Mr Santosh Naik. another lady Head
constable had threathned to kill him. Its shame for him,his mother a nurse
at hospicio, all Bhagats and all Canconkarsadelightedgoan

Gobor said...

Wonder how his mother treats her patients.
So, Mother plays "Nightingale" and Son collects  "money-for-bail".

Afedupgoan said...

If any body meets Prasannas mother at hospicio Margao, please congratulate her on behalf of all Goans
she should be awarded a medal for the achievements of her son.

Exgoapolice said...

Every govt servants feel that the Catholics are illiterate  and dumb.
Its time for all to register your protest
they are not our masters but our servants
and we are the real masters understood everybody?
dogs deservr better treatment then gu kha pulish.


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