PANJIM: The Goa government today reshuffled eight officers of the rank of Superintendent of Police (SP) in a major exercise. IPS officer Vijay Singh will head the Anti Narcotics Cell (ANC), which had no full time officer heading it, after the instances of nexus between policemen and drug peddlers came to the light in the recent past.
A Personnel department official stated that the exercise has also taken care of the additional charges being given to various SPs, including Arvind Gawas, who was given charge of departments of North Goa district and Traffic. Another SP, Atmaram Deshpande, who recently hit the controversy due to his statements against tribals, is shunted to Traffic cell.
Deshpande was heading Special Branch (SB) which looks after intelligence gathering in the state. On May 25, several thousand tribals had held demonstrations at Balli village. The agitation turned violent killing two tribal leaders
Deshpande, who headed SB, refused to accept that the incident occurred due to intelligence failure and instead claimed that the 'tribals were drunk'.
SP Allan D'Sa is shifted from South Goa district to Immigration (Airport) and is replaced by recently promoted SP Waman Tari, who was an Assistant Commandant of India Reserve Battalion, and also headed Tourist wing of police.
The charge of Coastal police stations was taken out from SP Omprakash Kudtarkar and handed over to SP Tony Fernandes, who hitherto headed Immigration (Airport) and Security divisions 
SP Shekhar Prabhudesai is transferred from Police Training School, Valpoi, to Headquarters and Special Branch and Vishram Borkar from the headquarters to Police Training School. – PTI


Anand Desai Mopa said...

Reshuffling police around does not weed out the corrupt police officers. The good  police officers still have to work with the corrupt. Sacking bad police officers is the only answer.

Gobor said...

This is like reshuffling a pack of Jokers. Ravi Naik is the King of Diamonds.
But all NIZ GOENKARS should have the guts to call a spade a spade.

Papa Razi said...

On taking up new assignments, the SP's will be busy to survey the new "sugar points" those will keep their tongues lubricated through the tenure of their service. For them, shunting from one place to another will not stop them from commiting crimes. It's no difference. All police personnels involved in bribery, crimes, incompetency, shoe lickers should be demoted as traffic constables and made to stand in the hot sun at traffic junctions to man traffic.

Gobor said...

The  best COP is SP Melwyn. He is so kind and helpfull that he is totally disillussioned by the functioning of the Goa Police that he is dead drunk and Zonked any time of the day.  Maintains a low profile and doesn't care a damn. 
he is so pessimistic about the Goa Cops that he will not even appreciate my comment thing that I have said so with an ulterior motive.
May he live to down a million pegs.

Gobor said...

Sorry, I cannot SACK them when they have a SACK of  money to offer.

Yours honestly,
Ravi Naik

D.JUSTIN said...

This is just to eyewash the Goans, all the tainted police should be sacked. The government, infact, need these tainted police to carry on their dirty deeds. The chor politicians and the chor police are the birds of same feathers.

Dalia said...

Yes, for Melwyn,  WOMEN and Goenchem COP are the essential ingredients of his normal day,  things needed at hand, he gives damn sh*t about other things happening in police department. However, he need his pocket full to obtain COP and women at the same time.

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