MARGAO: After inaugurating the wonder air-conditioned toilets for the public to sit at ease and enjoy cooling, this is the next wonder to ease the people from travelling distance to meet the CM. See the Chief Minister in a relaxing mood in the photo.
The Chief Minister reached out to his aam admi thorough a khaas ( special) technology- video conferencing. In a matter of an hour, the CM traversed though Mormugao, Quepem, Sanguem and Canacona from his room at South Goa collectorate, speaking to mamlatdars and the common man on his TV monitor.
The CM officially launched his public darbar in South Goa on Tuesday. Chief Secretary Sanjay Srivastava and district Collector, Sandeep Jacques, were present when the Chief Minister heard public grievances and sought to know how best to streamline the administration at the taluka level.
After the hour long exercise, the Chief Minister told the district Collector Sandeep Jacques to maintain a note of the grievances raised by the people, promising to undertake a weekly review with the officials.
Chief Minister was right there. He spent some time interacting with employees and people at the Salcette mamlatdar’s office, asking questions and listening to grievances. He promised to implement the concept in North Goa from Friday. Complaints received from the public would be reviewed on a weekly basis to ensure efficacy. He later told reporters that officials of PWD water supply, roads, electricity will also be called at the Mamlatdar offices to ensure that the exercise is more meaningful.
However, interaction with the Canacona mamalatdar not take on the line until failed power supply was resumed at Canacona. – SR
NIZ GOENKAR ADDS: This is a political gimmick by the CM to fool the people on a daily basis. First, he should install camera in his own office and broadcast it to the people to show how dirty he is, the secret deals done of corruption are to be revealed on the monitor? He should also install cameras under the tables of each government officer to check how much money has changed hands. Also in the offices of Sr. police officers and see how the people are suffering on a daily basis.
If the video conferencing can bring him closer to people and avoid meeting them face to face, why not stop trips to Delhi to take opinions of Sonia and the congress babus on how to run Goan affairs? Why not connect them via video conferencing? Whose money is he spending on these trips? Not the Goan exchequer?
Digambar, being in Goa, you don’t have time to visit the districts to see the people in reality suffering your administration, is it fun for you to sit in your air-conditioned cabin and watch people’s faces without even knowing if the person talking to you has a pair of slippers on his or her feet? This question should be raised in every NIZ GOENKAR’s mind. What a JOKE otherwise.


Dalia said...

This shameless Diggu should also install cameras in government hospitals especially within GMC, Mapusa Hospital, Hospicio, Canacona PHC and see how people are struggling to survive. Anyway, he won't be able to smell sh*t in there but will be able to see how people are really suffering. First, it was air-conditioned toilets, then sending the administrative officers to adhere to the administrative needs of the residents of Monte Dongor and now this high-tech. What else next? Installing video cameras in the air-conditioned toilets and monitor the users from his bedroom?
This is really for the Goans to understand how we are fooled on each single day. Is this something called e-administration? Truly, just a joke played on the people. Why doesn’t he really do this with Sonia Gandhi?

David Leitao said...

Digambar which in Sanskrit means 'naked ' is a smart cookie a rogue of the highest order !!

As CM he owes the Goan people an explanation for the number of deaths and murders that have gone unsolved

May i ask this naked Diggu Kaka who is the common man and " Amm admi "

This RSS stooge has wrecked havoc in the Goan ethos and society scoundrel pocketed 20 crores to defect from the
RSS BJP to the Congress !!!

All these guys need a knock in their knees !!! Scoundrels who sponge on the public exchequer meant for the betterment of the marginalised and underprivileged Goans !! What will be their future ????/

Diggu Kaka and your Congress MLA will rot in hell stick that video conferencing gadget in your backside !!!!!

nisar bhai said...

diggu its election time so stop cheating people.camera should be on during assembly meeting live for people to watch.camera should be on when you and chorchill sign huge mega projects and leave the people unaware about the developments.before doing anything you should ask peoples views then go ahead with any project so please stop this video conference.
you have shown your support for valanka that big mouth very soon goa will be finished first father then daughter who is friendly to ravi naik son.
shame on you diggu

Diogo Fichardo said...

Cameras must be installed all over Goa at the main sites where some of the law enforcers and politicians except their bribes. Cameras are also needed at drug dealing dens owned by high profile politicans.

Maria Sequeira said...

Our CM of Goa is an idiot and foolish person. In our village (Arossim) we are still crying for the murder of Melwin Gomes and waiting for the justice. Is this CM aware of this matter? Is this man is really of "Amm Admi"?

Gauri Chowdry said...

video conferencing is a way of security to VIPs, as they can interact to any kind of people, and can know there problems to resolve them with new amendments in laws. They can save time and money, and video conferencing can protect them form unsocial elements.

Papa Razi said...

Digambar Kamat is a clown of BJP in the Congress coat. He is a chameleon, a thief, corrupt to the core and incompetent. truly, the people of Goa are suffering because of his administration. Our Goan Christians want Congress to rule Goa without realizing that all or most of these Congressmen in Goa were with Parrikar during his tenure. As long as people are taken for a free ride, what will change in Goa? Nothing, I mean nothing. People will vote these corrupt fellows again. I saw another article on Churchill holding Holy Bible, I understand he does not know the value of the holy book. Elections are approaching nearby, there will be more gimmicks by the politicians. The political circus has started, the jokers are entertaining, the ring master is all over. The serious actors are doing the final rehearsal. We spectators are busy in our susegad way of life until the disaster struck. There are people making strategies on how to extort money from candidates. This will be our last election, if people win, we can change Goa. If the same corrupt people and their family members win, that's the end of our race called Goenkars.

dlp said...

Now Diggu can sit in his room and talk to Soniaji and others all over India and maybe even the world when they go on official trips abroad. The world at his finger tips.

Neville said...

Well let him install camera on that site & the classic idiot can watch irt every week

N.Fernandes-London said...

I guess this is another one of Digus silly gimmicks.
It will be short-lived, and will not resolve peoples issues.
He has till May next year (elections) to conduct this silly gimmick. 
I am sure people would prefer a Face toFfae meeting with Digu.
However I think he is SH*t Scared of making an ass of himself.

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