PANJIM: Narayan Biswas had to pay with his life after he tried to tickle his friend and colleague Neerapan Sunil Mandal at Mapusa on Friday night.  Biswas, who was residing at Karaswadda, Mapusa, was allegedly murdered by Mandal, who shared a room with him. Mapusa police have registered a murder case and arrested Mandal. Both were construction workers and staying in a room close to the construction site.
Elaborating on the incident, police said that Biswas was in the habit of tickling Mandal for fun. He also used to pinch him. "Mandal used to find it irritating and often warned Biswas to behave himself, but to no avail," said sources.  On Friday, after having some drinks in the room, they began poking fun at each other. Later, while Mandal was cutting vegetables, Biswas entered the kitchen and tried to tickle Mandal, who warned him to behave himself.
When Biswas didn't stop, an angry Mandal suddenly, flashed his knife at his colleague and according to the police, slit his neck. When Biswas was taken to Asilo hospital , he was declared "brought dead".


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